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Top 3 Social Media Automation Tools

Why Use Social Media Automation Tools There is no substitute for genuine, authentic interaction with your audience. That being said, you cannot be all things to all people, just like you cannot be on all platforms at all times. Nor do you need to be.

How to Skillfully Take Over a Messy SEO Project

All web promoters dream of starting an SEO project from the very beginning, but that's usually not the case. SEOs inherit projects with some background, and they would often be messy from various standpoints: keyword strategy, tracking techniques, link building ways, social media in connection with optimization and what not.

5 Reasons To Use An Independent Recruiter

Are you overwhelmed with your current hiring needs? We have all been there before, where in an instant, we have more of a requisition load than seems humanly possible to fulfill. On top of that, the budget available to utilize outside recruiting services is typically ZERO or very limited.

Marketing Implications of Google's Local Search Carousel

The Google Local Search Carousel is already one month old. Despite the significance of the redesign, with the exception of a couple of highly focused "local search" blogs, there has been little talk about Google's change, or the impact it will have on local businesses and marketers.

The Time is Now to Humanize Your Brand

Content is all about sharing, and sharing is the best way to humanize your brand. If the social web has taught brands anything it is that consumers are interested in knowing what brands have to say. And, consumers are interested in who the people are behind your brand.

Google to the Power of +1

Many were upset by the change saying that Google+ was pulling a "Facebook" by making "+1′s" behave like "Likes". Rumours have it that some have even left Google+ altogether. Others, like myself, think this is a great move by Google to place some real social value on "+1′s".

Branding Your Social Media ROI #offthegrid

The social universe or multiverse seems to gather quite a gamut of players. Some who have been immersed in the environment for years and some who are just emerging. Both offer aspects of their practice and methodology as learning tools but how does one begin to sift through which ones are the ones to 'follow', the ones who really enlighten the path to your SM Holy Grail?

The Most Comprehensive Guide On How To Blog

Learning how to blog is no easy task. It takes time and commitment to get your blog off the ground. Then even more time and a stronger drive to take your blog to the next level. However, once you do you have the potential to reach the world.

The What and Why of Responsive Web Design

responsive web design has been around in one form or another even since before the term was coined in 2010 but it's only very recently that it's become an indispensable practice for web designers. Smartphone and tablet usage is exploding and the internet plays a part in many of the things we do every day, big and small.

Four Ways to Create Exceptional Content for Customers

The Delta safety video is a great example of why good marketing spreads on the internet. It's customer-focused content that entertains, tells a story, and provides an exceptional customer experience. The message about safety starts with customer experience in mind, but easily segues into external communications. The crossover is natural.

4 Things Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs

Marketing has changed and is constantly changing. It's because the marketplace continues to evolve. Some tactics that worked a treat only a few years ago just don't cut it anymore. Social media marketing has become widely accepted as a necessary marketing strategy. However I see businesses every day using old school marketing tactics on social media.

Content That Sticks

Now more than ever before, the message must be useful and the delivery must be clear, clean and concise to succeed. Fortunately, there are some easy steps that businesses can take to ensure their content is sending just the right message.

7 Classic Pieces of Wisdom That Still Apply to Internet Marketing

When people talk about Internet marketing, they like to use the kind of language that reminds you that everything has changed. New apps, social media techniques, and web design platforms are frequently described as "revolutionary" or even "paradigm-shifting." In some ways, all of these developments are undoubtedly breakthroughs.

Customer Service "IS" Sales In Social Media - 2 Examples and 3 Tips

Customer service is at the core of effective social media marketing. The beginning of effective customer service is listening to your customers and prospects, but more than that, it's showing that you're listening by responding. Even further, it's responding in real-time that delivers the message of responsiveness, authenticity, priority and that the your connections are important.

Why You Should Let Your Passion Shine In Social Media

Passion is a funny thing. There seem to different flavours and different intensities of passion. Some of us find a big, can't ignore it passion that eventually becomes our career early on and never lose it; we all have that friend who always wanted to be a veterinarian, still is and has 3 cats and 2 dogs at home.

4 Iconic Facebook Marketing Campaigns and Why They Worked

What makes a Facebook marketing campaign successful? Components of a successful marketing campaign include: An active and engaged audience A network excited and eager to share content among friends (spread virally) A campaign that is designed to reward fans and A campaign that meets or exceeds set goals, whether it's a growth in fan base or improved visibility The following case studies take a look at four iconic Facebook marketing campaigns.

The LinkedIn Guide For FOMO

You may not be familiar with the term FOMO (FOMO = Fear of Missing Out). I've had several people in my life with this condition. My dog even has FOMO tendencies. Think about that one friend who's always like, "What were y'all talking about?" Or, "You went to brunch without me?!"

Power Your Content Marketing with Google+

Content Marketing confuses me. It looks human but there's something off putting about it. I thought marketing content was something advertisers have always done. Wait. They still are. They've just ripped off the label "social media marketing" and replaced it with this year's buzzword. They've removed the "soul" and gone straight for the "food".

The Most Important Social Media Metrics

As a small business owner, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the myriad social networks, their analytics, and your responsibilities to them. But, at the same time, it can be difficult to prioritize where to expend your effort, and which metrics matter.

4 Successful Strategies to Generating More Retweets on Twitter

Sometimes people will favourite your tweets, other times they'll reply and if you're really lucky you might even land a retweet. While each of these interactions are great, the retweet often has more benefit than any other. You know just as well as I do that generating retweets isn't easy.

Your Guide To Video On Instagram

Image via Instagram First, it is pretty nifty! Second, it is not as hard as it might seem. Lets take a look... The Quick And Dirty When Twitter released the Vine app, people went a bit wild for the six second looping video.

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Attract and Engage Consumers

Love it or hate it, Pinterest is here to stay. Since its inception, I have listened to business owners and marketers alike challenge the validity of this social site. Whether it is their inability to create a marketing strategy around Pinterest or simply a lack of time in implementing a new social strategy, the push back has been fierce.

How To Avoid Blank Stares With A Personal Brand Introduction

You might have experienced something like this before... You are at a dinner party, a networking meeting, a family BBQ or whatever and you are asked the question... "What Do You Do?" For someone that is still figuring out their personal brand, this can be a scary question.

Content Marketing Is Owning, As Opposed To Renting Media!

Good content marketing has become essential to drawing and keeping visitors to any Web site. Whether you're selling plumbing supplies, trying to attract customers to your medical practice or drumming up business for your new, vegetarian restaurant, well-conceived content marketing can help you rank well with search engines, establish your reputation as an expert in your field and, most importantly, help your bottom line.

One Clever Way To Maximize Your Facebook Community Engagement

Maximize Your Facebook Community Engagement With A Simple Tab? You can, according to Mike Gingerich, Co-Founder Of TabSite... There is a plethora of posts that have been written and updated about how to maximize your Facebook community engagement with Facebook applications.