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Facebook Revenues - Q2 2013 [Infographic]

Facebook Revenues details for the quarter were released yesterday and they have again repeated their stellar performance riding on the back of great advertising revenues. No wonder that Facebook is increasingly becoming a platform of choice for personal and professional use. Brands are increasing finding the platform very conducive for marketing which is evident from the numbers.

4 Twitter Pitfalls to Avoid

Maybe Twitter is the best thing that has happened to brands. But somewhere in there, few Twitter pitfalls are ruining the experience of many users. Sadly, few brands do not really understand the platform and consider Twitter as another marketing platform that they need to have presence on and forget rest of the content strategies.

Top 5 Posts on Twitter Engagement - Week #29

Twitter Engagement has become a buzzword for many in the social media industry. Twitter provides a unique opportunity for brands to connect directly with its customers and prospects alike. For brands to connect with customers/prospects it is essential that they communicate with them and that in a nutshell defines everything about Twitter Engagement.

The Anatomy of Twitter Hashtag [Infographic]

Ever wondered about the Twitter Hashtag? With many businesses now leveraging Twitter for engaging with customers and prospects, it is important that we understand the Twitter Hashtag ecosystem and know: 1. What is Twitter Hashtag 2. Why use Hashtag 3. Where to find the popular hashtags This infographic gives answers to all of the above.

Old SEO vs New SEO - #SEOTalk Topic

SEOTalk is India's one of the most regular Twitter Chat and happens every Monday 8.30 PM India Time (+5.30 GMT). It has been a pleasure to co-host this along with Jaydip Parikh and we are fortunate to have some awesome folks who are around every week sharing interesting information.

Top 5 Post on Using LinkedIn Effectively - Week #28

Linkedin is one Social Platform that has been least talked about but holds great promise. No wonder, it has been lagging it's peers in terms of features, but remember that it's still one of the platform that professionals like to be on.

4 Ways to Get Employees Blogging For You

Blogging is increasingly being considered as a great branding strategy these days. With careful choice of topics, blogging effectively helps companies to get known as thought leaders. At my workplace, the adage goes like "Employees are your best brand ambassadors" and it's great if you can get them to write for you.

20 Useful Tips to Manage Facebook Business Page [Infographic]

Facebook Business Page is a gateway to your brands success. It has become an important cog in the wheel for any brands marketing campaign. Consider this, 1. According to Facebook, there are 665 million users who log into Facebook Daily 2. 645 million views on Facebook Business Pages Can you afford to miss an audience of this size?

Top 5 Posts on Facebook Ads - Week #27

Facebook Ads is a trending topic among few around us here. If you look around your Facebook stream, it might be observed that this part of the world has been swarmed by multitudes of Facebook Ads - you can find anything from a needle to a Boeing (too much!!

3 Reasons Paid Social Media Endorsement Will Work

At the Social Media Day event recently, we had some interesting panel discussion on 'Social Media Endorsement'. The discussion was one of the best I have heard in recent times. On one side of the discussion was Tinu Cherian with about 100k followers on Twitter, on the other side was Ramesh Srivats, Mahesh Murthy and Prem Panicker.

My Thoughts from Social Media Day Bangalore

I had been waiting for Social Media Day Bangalore since I heard about it at the Social Samosa meetup early last month. The way it was talked about it on that day and hearing about the panelist, I was pretty sure that this was going to be a rocking day for anyone associated with Social Media in Bangalore.

How to Become a Social Media Marketer [Infographic]

So you want to be a Social Media Marketer? But any idea what Social Media Marketer do or what each platform real mean. Well the job is not as easy as you think. They may be spending their time on Facebook, Twitter or all the fancy platform you can think of, but none of them are whiling their time away.

5 Ways to Be A Twitter Marketing Rockstar

Twitter is widely becoming a space for lead generation and thus what you tweet can often lead to a potential client either coming or going away from you. In this sense, Twitter Marketing is of paramount importance.

Top 5 Posts on Facebook Updates - Week #24

The last couple of weeks have been quite tumultuous for social media. Facebook updates hogged the timelines and we saw people talking about hashtags and the ability to upload image in Facebook comments. Like you all, even I was fascinated by all those Facebook updates and tried to use it one too many times.

3 Ways to Write Irresistible Content

Sometime back, I was pondering on what would make my readers come back. And the clear answer was 'writing irresistible content'. You know the Harry Potter series? Didn't JK Rowling make you come back to read each books, over and over? What did she do that others found difficult?

Top 5 Posts on Google Penguin Update - Week #23

Google Penguin update was released on April 24 and since then I have been approached by few people saying their site traffic has been hit badly. I always wondered, what could they have done and the first thing I go about asking is - were they spamming.

Pinterest - The Platform Of Choice For Business [Infographic]

I have always wondered at the amount of innovation that happens at Pinterest. You should be following their blog to know how quick and intuitive they are about releasing new features. The latest being few tips for Father's Day!! The virtues of Pinterest are now widely known.

The Facebook Ad Experiment

Did you hear about Facebook Ad creation process getting a makeover and only few ad options would be available? But before you or businesses jump on me and shun Facebook for fewer options, there are still some questions out there. So you can breathe for a while.

5 Must Have Wordpress Plugins - Malhar Barai

WordPress Plugins are at the core of WordPress being one of the best blogging platforms. These plugins offer users some niche out-of-the box functionalities which otherwise would be difficult to achieve. As we know, the right WordPress Plugin will help you achieve mundane tasks as image loading, Twitter integration or even much difficult task as SEO.

Top 5 Post on New Google+ - Week #21

Probably you are not living in a ghost town and know that the new Google+ was unveiled last week. And with more than 300 million active users, it's a platform to reckon with. The new Google+ announced at the I/O 2013 Conference has since evoked lot of interest in the social media community.

SEO Trends for 2013 [Infographic]

SEO Trends are ever changing. What worked in 2012 might not work effectively this year. We are almost in the middle of the year 2013 and I thought it would be a good time to revisit the SEO Trends for 2013.

5 Amazing Resources For Free Images

Free Images!! Ha...I see your eyes light up. You have written some great content, but we know that it is incomplete without an image. Images have the ability tell a story and they form an integral part of the many articles we write.

Top 5 Posts on Effective Pinterest Strategy - Week #20

Pinterest has been gaining much importance lately.With nearly 50 million users and growing, you are looking at a great marketing platform and so you need an 'Effective' Pinterest Strategy. The beauty of Pinterest lies in its simple yet a very pleasing visual interface and so your Pinterest Strategy should involve a lot of visual element.

Is Your Website Social Media Friendly?

This is a Guest Post by Anny Solway One of the best ways to enhance a company's reputation, develop traffic, and improve search engine performance is to be sure that their website is social media friendly. This is because websites like Facebook and Twitter have really exploded due to one simple fact: people prefer old-fashioned word of mouth more than anything else.

Top 5 Posts on Writing Stunning Headlines - Week #19

Are you here because of the headline? Look at the images on the side. Newspapers headlines are the best way to learn the art of grabbing attention If you are here because of the headline of this article, I consider my job as half done, because it as caught you attention and that is what good headlines should do other than having great content.