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Living Life as a "Grand".

You've raised and loved your children and now you have these lovely Grandchildren to LOVE!! Grandparents are needed today more than ever — not only to support fatigued parents, but also to be trusted allies who provide a much-needed sense of stability, security and unconditional love to kids. Grandparents can be role models for their grandchildren. Creative grandparents model morals, gender and values. Grandchildren often look to their grandparents for how life is to be lived. How do you navigate loving these grandchildren the best way possible?

Grandparents: Support and Serve Your Children and Grandchildren

Because of your life experiences as grandparents, you are in a unique position to help younger loved ones navigate confusion and fear during this pandemic.

Leading Grandchildren to Jesus

As grandparents, we have the unique opportunity to lead our grandchildren towards Jesus through our actions, thoughts, and example.

5 Reasons Why Grandparents Are Important

Discover five ways in which five grandparents can play a unique and significant role in the lives of their grandchildren.

Even to Your Old Age: New Life for Christian Grandparents | Desiring God

What unique challenges do grandparents face today, and how do we overcome them? A veteran grandfather (and pastor) shares seven practical lessons.

Spoil the Grandkids? A Better Way Forward | Desiring God

Pastor John addresses the popular idea of grandparents spoiling their grandchildren.

The Incredible Importance of Grandparenting | FamilyLife®

We realized that we couldn't just spoil our grandkids or dote on them or be a secondary caregiver—we were to be spiritual influencers.

The Role of Grandparents and Grandchildren in the Teenage Years

The role of grandparents changes as grandchildren enter their teenage years. The fun doesn't have to stop, but our approach has to change.

How Grandparents Can Listen and Communicate

As soon as grandkids are able to talk, they begin asking questions. The role of grandparents depends on learning to listen and communication.

Valuing Grandchildren's Thoughts

As grandparents, we can learn to value our grandchildren's thoughts. In doing so, we can guide their thoughts to lead to healthy lives.

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