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Crisp Pitches

Here is a list of the crispest startup company elevator pitches.


Magic, Arthur C Clarke said "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" and yet in a time where we are ever more dependent on the magic of computer code an entire generation are growing up as muggles as they cannot find a place to learn the skills.

CoderDojo spent months developing a powerful system that has kids learn programming in an open, fun and free way. The system has scaled all over the world and stayed free of charge.

Kids gain both programming and social skills while at the same time being empowered to take control of the magic behind their screens and the parents and volunteers get to see the smiles on the kids faces as they learn.




People say the magazine industry is doomed. They're probably right. Traditional publishers are too big and too slow to take advantage of the opportunities that digital publishing presents.

But, doom and gloom for the old guard means opportunity for a new kind of publisher. Someone who can move a bit quicker and embrace this multi device world that we live in. All they need is the tools to help them along the way...

Using our experience of developing web applications and content management systems we have created Beacon - a lightweight, affordable platform that allows anyone to create, publish and sell digital magazines.

Beacon is not aimed at designers or magazine professionals but the independent content creator who has a passion to share.

Join the self publishing revolution with Beacon.


LifeStor Digital Memory Cache

LifeStor Digital Memory Cache

Awe in our life helps us to enjoy the wonder of experiences.
Recording these moments allows us to relive them and teaches us how to live a longer more fulfilled life
No easy way exists to curate all of life's experiences in a holistic way.
A long journey of discovery and working with users has helped us
develop the LifeStor Digital Memory Cache: an elegant, simple web platform for digital storytelling.
We are starting by building an app to teach users to cache these moments of wonder, sharing memories with family, friends and communities will create a new social pastime.
Embrace and record your extraordinary life


Citizens Network

Citizens Network

Overwhelming support: many of your day-to-day concerns are widely shared within communities, countries and the globe. Yet, you often find yourself disconnected and powerless with your best initiatives, and your problems. :-(
There is a new technology. A small team of talented professionals struggles to develop a "Citizens Network" in a world where profit is king and flashy proposals conceal breakthrough ideas.
Powered by the Avaaz community (+25M members), Citizens Network goes beyond the capacity of Facebook and Twitter to connect us all in a cooperative action network, where 'digital' is only a means and you & your trusted circle of people are the real focus.
You will feel others' overwhelming support and achieve united action from a position of power. :-)
Do you want to know how your talents add up to this team?