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Blogs - Inspirational and Informational for Child Care Providers and Parents too!

Child Care Providers, Teachers and Parents can use all of these wonderful blogs. We're all in it with the same goal, educating our kids in the best possible way no matter who you are touching their lives. Be sure to participate by voting, commenting and adding to the list.

You might be wondering which Montessori materials to make and which to buy. I have links to lots of tutorials for DIY Montessori materials in my DIY Montessori Materials post. I typically tell whether a material is feasible as a DIY Montessori material, although you really just have to decide what works best for your unique family. | Curriculum themes and lesson plans for the young child.'s preschool lesson plan themes are the perfect solution for you! These themes have been put together by an experienced Early Childhood Education Teacher.

The Activity Mom

Activity ideas for teachers of all ages

Moving Smart

Movement is at the very core of how children develop intellectually, emotionally, socially, and of course, physically. Here at Moving Smart we foster children's naturally move-to-learn style while helping parents and teachers understand the comprehensive benefits of all that wiggling! So let's get moving!

babied the blog

Babied is, well, all about babies! More specifically, this blog serves to educate on how infants grow and develop.

I am a pediatric physical therapist who has spent my career nurturing the growth and development of babies.

The New Nature Movement

As the new U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell intends to use her "megaphone," as she calls it - or the bully pulpit, as Teddy Roosevelt used to describe the persuasive power of office - to get more Americans outside into nature. Last month, one of her first converts was a hard sell.

Slow Family -

Slow Parenting helps busy parents reconnect with their families and their passions through fun activities in nature and at home.

The Preschool Toolbox Blog | Educational Learning and Play for Children 2-7

The Preschool Toolbox Blog welcomes you to explore activity suggestions for your classroom or for use at home!

No Time For Flash Cards - kids crafts, books, and play ideas for children.

Early childhood education is my passion, despite my degree in elementary education my heart belongs to the little guys!

Imagination Soup Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

Fun Learning and Play Activities for Kids

Art and Science Activities for Kids

Does your child have a favorite drawing tool? My kids adore markers, and it seems to always be their first choice when given a buffet of drawing materials. I've been musing on this question of favorite drawing tools for a while, which is why I sometimes ask questions on Facebook like this or on Google [...]

Hands on as we grow: Hands on kids activities for hands on moms

You’ll find crafts, art projects, gross motor activities, and fine motor activities regularly on the blog. And a couple times each month I do a collection of play activities on a theme, such as what to do with all your crayons!

Teacher Tom

Reflections on teaching and learning from preschoolers

Creative with Kids

Focused toward parenting, however, many activity ideas anyone educating children can use. I am working out how to have a fulfilling creative life that includes my children and I blog about that here. I am inspired by many books, nature, and the many delightful souls I’ve met, in person and online, who are kind enough to share their creative journey with the world. Thank you for reading.

The Classroom Creative -

The classroom creative will feature the best of teaching, parenting, homeschooling, and creative blogs broken down in easy to navigate photo galleries by grade, subject, and unit.

Teach Preschool

Deborah invites you to join her here on Teach Preschool to share, learn, and discover the wonderful challenges and rewards in the field of early childhood education together!

Rainy Day Mum - Making Every Day Fun

What a wonderful week playing in the forest, exploring the Gruffalo and making Sun Prints. We're still not finished school and T and I enjoyed some time in the woods playing this week - more free play than structured. Letting her take the lead and explore - asking "What is it?"

No Twiddle Twaddle

Simple kids activities, children's book reviews, free Kindle eBooks, parenting tips, and more!

In Lieu of Preschool

how a former teacher and her two kids do preschool at home! A blog about art and crafts, educational activities for kids, play ideas, & more!

Learn, Create, Love

Learning through Play, Creating and Exploring Art and Loving the Process

Laughing Kids Learn

Laughing Kids Learn is a blog of activities that are engaging, interactive and fun for babies, toddlers and teenagers. All children

Aunt Annie's Childcare

Now, I know that's counter-intuitive for some of you! You may be feeling that your child has too much control already, or is just totally out of control! LET GO OF THAT. What you are trying to do is let your child have room to learn better choices, and they can't do that with a policeman making and enforcing the rules for them all the time.


The PreKinders website for Pre-K & Preschool teachers has hundreds of free activities, ideas, & printables you can use in your classroom.