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Updated by VTPL Marketing on Apr 13, 2022
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Cloud Computing: Essential for Digital Transformation

Meet Your Business Challenges with VTPL's Smart & Simplified Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing: The Unsung Hero of the Pandemic

With the continuous pandemic, there has been a consistent expansion in virtual gatherings and communications. With businesses attempting to sustain their productivity, the cloud has emerged as the proverbial unsung hero!

Impact of Cloud Computing in E-Learning

The Cloud computing environment is rising as a natural platform to provide support to online systems. For details, call us @ 8336955090.

Cloud Storage Vs Cloud Backup

In the Cloud storage service, the data is maintained, managed, backed up in the cloud and made available to users through the internet.

How to Plan Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Strategy?

The most pressing concern for businesses operating in the Cloud is effective and timely Disaster Recovery. There are scores of threats like ransom ware attack, human errors, network failures and software vulnerabilities which makes your systems susceptible to potential disasters. This is why DR has become one of the top essential services for enterprises of almost all domains and sizes.

Why is Data Backup a Complete Requirement ?

Next Gen Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions to help today�s Businesses. Connect Us @ +918336955090

Why do businesses need encrypted emails?

Data security and privacy in cloud computing might not be enough for phishing and malware. Find out how encryption adds protection to IT security solutions for business

5 Effective Ways to Identify and Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common security issue faced by businesses. Read on to find out how IT security companies in India prevent them.

How to Create a Strong Password to Beat Hackers?

To secure yourself as well as data, choose passwords that are strong and complex.

How to Handle a Data Breach at the Workplace

When it comes to data breach risk in the workplace, cybercriminals often get all the attention. VTPL presents true data security solutions in India to work freely.

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It's understandable to be concerned about the security of your data when it's stored in the cloud infrastructure. After all, your information, documents, and videos are kept on servers over which you have no control. You may be wondering how vulnerable these servers are to cybercriminals.

Diversity at Work: How Inclusion Matters?

Diversity, in simplest terms, is the difference of thought, perception, and perspective while inclusion is the culture where all these differences are valued and respected. In a workplace, diversity and inclusion go hand in hand.

Dev Deepawali: When Gods Descend From Heavens to the Ghats of Varanasi

If you are thinking about what is so special about Varanasi during Dev Deepawali, let us unfold the mystery of this spiritual land and its connection to the Festival of Lights of the Gods.

Does VPN Strengthen Your Network?

Get an advanced VPN integration for better network strength. VTPL�s network security uplifts the performance in no time.

Routing Protocols to Improve Network Performance

Networks are meant for communication and are very important for business operations. A network empowers businesses to deliver data, content, and other interactions to every web user.

What Does a Server Actually Do in Your IT Infrastructure?

Servers are meant to serve data across the network. But work and purpose of integrating a server in your IT infrastructure are different. Let's optimize your server with VTPL�s simplified IT solutions to achieve professional heights.

Balancing Simplicity & Complexity at Workplace

Irrespective of the area concerned, the perpetual quest to find the balance applies in every aspect of life, including the workplace.

Happiness is a Mood. Positivity is a Mindset

In the world of digital marketing and media, motivational quotes such as, "Happiness is a choice" or "Choose happiness for a better life" permeate our lives. Although the quotes are meant to emphasize the concept that we can still manage our feelings, despite circumstances that are beyond our control – in reality, they are not true.

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart

Even though there is nothing in the Universe that belongs to us, we can learn to accept the blessings of life gratefully and share them with those around us to experience the beautiful phenomenon of gratitude.

Mindful Leadership: Developing Mindfulness at the Workplace

Leading companies like Google, General Mills, JP Morgan, and others have already started to implement mindfulness training for the well-being of their employees. Let alone the biggest companies of the world, these days even the top business schools across the world are also offering mindfulness as a course to MBA students.

6 Ways to Build Strength of Individual Team Members

Although the real strength of a team is each member, the core strength of each team member lies within the team itself. It is only by developing an individual’s unique talents and skills that the person can realize his/her full potential or strength.

Understanding Leadership Strengths in the Workplace

Over the past few decades, the concept of leadership has evolved immensely, like every aspect of our lives. But one thing that has remained constant is the process of planning and making difficult choices to achieve success.

How Cloud Is Changing Traditional Networking?

Cloud Networking is a New-Gen hosting with the integration of network resources and services. VTPL improvises the performance of your traditional networks in no time.

Why Simplicity is the Key to your Business Success

Simplicity is the only thing that can not only bring peace to our minds but also can generate success for business organizations.

Creativity is Contagious. Pass it On

Creativity becomes the motherboard, when it comes to ideas and innovations, connecting all concepts and ideas to the main processor called the brain