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Evoragreens - Our main focus is to provide customers with clean label products that are of high quality, high on nutrients, eco-friendly & without any preservatives


Coffee is more than a beverage, it's a feeling. A feeling that travels from your cup to your mind and heart. Nothing beats the magic of the first cup of coffee in the morning.


Evoragreens is a well-known name in the food and beverage industry. Established in 2021, in New Delhi, this organisation has completely redefined the meaning of our age-old favourite beverage 'Coffee'. In the past few decades, the coffee market has exploded and to remain competitive, it is important...

Coffee, Coffee and only Coffee

The coffee market is flooded with various pioneer coffee brands which offer you amazing flavors with great health benefits. Evoragreens located in New Delhi is

Coffee Calling

Instant Coffee, as the name says, is an instant reliever that comes to your rescue to fight the morning blues. It comes from the dried coffee extract and can be combined in hot water or milk. The instant variant of coffee came into existence several centuries ago, and the credit of the first instant coffee compound was awarded to John Dring in 1771. In 1853, when the invention of instant coffee reached America, it came to be known as “coffee cake”.

Coffee First

Cold brew coffee is more of a type of extraction method. The cold brew coffee business has been growing by 25 % annually. It is believed that the Dutch first introduced cold brew to Kyoto, Japan in…

Yummy Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee:- All about Dark Roast Coffee:- Dark roast coffee hails its origin from historical places like France and Italy, where it was identified as ‘too dark and burnt’ due to its deep dark taste. Well, the actual concept of dark roast coffee is way more than only being too dark and burnt.

Roasted Coffee Beans: The Ultimate Caffeine Source

Dark roast coffee beans coffee is the best way to start your day. This morning pick-me-up drink is popular due to its caffeine boost and strong flavour. To get the deeper colour and fuller flavour of dark roast coffee beans, they are baked longer than other varieties of coffee beans. As a result of the…

Superb Health Benefits of Green Coffee

Evoragreens - Our main focus is to provide customers with clean label products that are of high quality, high on nutrients, eco-friendly & without any preservatives.


Remember the Dr Oz show in 2012, which told us how green coffee can reduce fat, without the inclusion of any exercise. So, next time when you want to switch your coffee variety, try green coffee.

EVORAGREENS - Yummy Mocha - - Plurk

It’s a great lip-smacking combination of cocoa and coffee beans. The mocha coffee is one of the fanciest, popular and favourite kids on the block. It has gained huge popularity amongst coffee lovers in the last few years. It has a smooth texture and a velvety taste that suits your taste buds and has a soothing effect on your brain cells. In comparison to traditional coffee plants, mocha coffee plants have small berries and leaves.

Coffee- More than a drink.

Evoragreens is a food and beverage organization based out of Delhi. It was established in 2021 and is well known for its amazing and unique coffee flavours such as cinnamon and green coffee. The…

Benefits of Cinnamon Coffee:-

Cinnamon is one of our favourite spices and is a very familiar flavour. It comes from the bark of a tree belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. The prime cultivator of cinnamon is the forest of Sri Lanka and Indonesia. This spice has been priced for its medicinal properties for thousands of years.

The master of Golden Latte

Evoragreens - Our main focus is to provide customers with clean label products that are of high quality, high on nutrients, eco-friendly & without any preservatives.

Different Recipes of Coffee by Evoragreens – EVORAGREENS

Coffee, the word itself brings an image of a golden coloured strong aroma drink, served in a cup. This is the second most-consumed non-alcoholic beverage in the world after tea. It has a vast history associated with it and even a bigger fan base. There are various forms of coffee, consumed around the world such…

Green Coffee and Weight Loss

Green coffee has a similar appearance to your regular coffee, the only difference is it is unroasted. Green coffee tastes and smells more like an ayurvedic medicine, and unlike regular coffee, it may take you some days to develop taste for the same.

How to choose the right coffee.

When you are all new to the world of coffee, there is a lot to be explored. As a beginner you may need a little guidance and when it comes to coffee, what better than Evoragreens can guide you the…

Coffee and Stress

The gist of the entire coffee tale is that your cup of coffee can reduce your stress by making you feel happy, motivated, more focused, less irritable. Also, it helps you to attain mental peace. Neurotransmitters that live in the human brain are stimulated by caffeine, making it an ideal drink to help you burn down stress.

Cold Brew Vs. Hot Brew

Evoragreens - Our main focus is to provide customers with clean label products that are of high quality, high on nutrients, eco-friendly & without any preservatives.

Light Roast Vs.Medium Roast Vs.Dark Roast

Coffee is a cultural staple in most of the human lives around the globe. A lot goes in, out around and with this amazing bean before it reaches our homes. There are few techniques associated with coffee that have become so popular in the last few centuries, that people are now trying those at their homes.

Coffee and Creativity | EVORAGREENS

When we say creativity, we imply the birth of creative ideas and ways to implement them and coffee and creativity have been married old. In the world of coffee.

Coffee Brewing at Home

What is Coffee Brewing? If you enjoy great Coffee, you probably know that you can brew a great cup of coffee in the comfort of your home, for less than what you spend at a coffee shop. Owing to the lockdown phase, home brewing of coffee has become the next favorite thing and as a result we can see Dalgona Coffee doing rounds all around. It doesn’t require any expensive equipment but just a few simple techniques that can greatly enhance the taste of your coffee. Following are few tips and tricks

The Fellow Ode Grinder.

The covid pandemic has rendered everyone stuck into their homes and almost every one of us has become expert in making coffee and cookie. We at Evoragreens highly encourage the choice of healthy and…

Let’s make Espresso without Espresso Machine

What happens when you crave for a cappuchino/latte/flat white and midnight but can’t go to your local café and you do not have an espresso machine? You start craving for it more.

Dark Roast Coffee and its Brewing | Feast

Dark roast coffee is when the beans are exposed to higher temperature, provided the the roasting process is slow in terms of the speed to avoid burning the coffee.

Let's Learn Aeropress –

Evoragreens is one of the key budding names in the world of coffee and it has soon gained popularity due to the fact that the products are uniquely flavored such as cinnamon coffee, honey coffee and all of them are available in an affordable range. They are a perfect blend of health and innovation and are customer’s fi