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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 31, 2021
Headline for Must try street foods in Singapore – A fruitful gastronomic experience
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Must try street foods in Singapore – A fruitful gastronomic experience

Singapore is a city state that is a melting pot of cultures – which acts as a great benefit for it's food scene. If you're a foodie, Singapore is unlikely to leave you disappointed! Here's some street foods you should not miss out on.


Sambal Stingray

Known as Ikan Bakar or barbequed fish, this is a purely Singaporean invention. Smearing stingray with sambal sauce changed how the locals looked at this fish, which was earlier looked down upon as a cheap and bad tasting fish. First, the fish is grilled while wrapped in a banana leaf, which helps it retain its original flavours. Sambal, which is a mix of shrimp paste, spices and shallots is spread on top. The fish has a crispy exterior, and a moist interior. You'll find this delicacy almost anywhere, but Tamam Jurong Market is said to do it best.


Frog Porridge

This dish consists of frogs marinated in soy, spring onions, wine, spicy chili and ginger. After marinating it for some time, the frog is cooked well until the meat is succulent, sweet and extremely delicate! Don't be put off by the name, as it tastes pretty good and the porridge which accompanies is light and comes with a green onion sauce.


Mud crab

During your holiday at Pan Pacific Singapore or any of the other well known hotels in Singapore, don't forget to try out the famous Mud Crab dish! The crab is stir-fried in either black pepper of in a thick chili and tomato sauce. The chili sauce originates from 1956 from a single seafood cart, and the pepper version started only in 1959. There are different versions of this mouth watering dish in different parts of Singapore.



Durian is a fruit, and is nicknamed the king of fruits! Singaporeans and their neighbours in Southeast Asia hold a great deal of love for this fruit, and you'll see this spiky fruit in display on stalls when it is in season. Durian is not everyone's cup of tea because of its pungent smell, and is also banned from enclosed spaces such as hotels and trains. This fruit is also used to make several Singaporean deserts and drinks!


Red snapper head curry

In most western countries, the fish head is usually left out of all dishes and the rest of the meat is consumed. In southeast Asia, it is the basis for numerous delightful dishes of which, one is the red snapper head curry. This dish originated from the Bengali region and is refined to create the current Singapore curry which is rich, with brinjal and ladys fingers. Indian run food stalls tend to have a spicier version of the dish. The fish is soaked in sauce and is crisp and aromatic.


Curry Laksa

Laksa is one Singaporean dish you must not miss out on! This is a hallmark of Peranakan cuisine and holds Malay and Chinese influences. Laksa contains coconut milk, vermicelli noodles and fried bean curd.