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6 of the Best Diving and Scuba Spots in Cuba – A water sports adventure in the tropics

One of the most visited destinations in the world, Cuba is located at the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the northern Caribbean Sea converge. The country is known for water sports.



Cuba is popular with travellers from around the world; however, the majority of those who visit are Americans and Canadians. Tourism plays a major role in the nation's economy, and the airlines in the Caribbean offer excellent flight deals all year long; interCaribbean Airways is an example. Cuba has a wide range of tourist attractions, and its diving and scuba spots are the primary attraction.


Diving in Cuba

Although Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean, it is no bigger than Pennsylvania in the US. With around 500 dive sites, the country welcomes divers of every calibre. Once you decide which dive site you prefer, you can plan your vacation. Near these dive sites are many accommodation options meant for foreign tourists. Hotels aren't your only option; Cuba offers an experience similar to homestays; this accommodation type is called Casa Particular.


Maria la Gorda

Found in the western part of the island, Maria la Gorda isn't visited by many tourists. Getting here isn't exactly easy, but those who make the trip are well rewarded. The Guanahacabibes National Park operates dive centres for the benefit of tourists.


Jardines de la Reina

A journey to the south coast of the island gives you the chance to dive in Jardines da la Reina. The region is protected, and fishing is not permitted here. Due to the ban, marine life is thriving with sharks, barracuda, and various other tropical fish species. Get your hotel to arrange a day trip for you to make the most of your time.


Cayo Largo

To the east of Isla de la Juventud, on the south coast, is Cayo Largo, another popular dive site in Cuba. The shallow waters here are home to a diverse range of marine creatures, including sharks, eels, lobster, barracudas, snapper, and grouper. Cayo Largo is home to around 30 dive sites.


Bay of Pigs

Its fame comes from the failed invasion of the US in 1961. Today, this region is a popular dive and scuba site visited by hundreds of tourists. Punta Perdiz and the Jaruca wreck are perfect for advanced divers, and snorkelers will find optimal conditions as well.


Cayo Coco

Found on the northern coast, Cayo Coco is one of the most visited dive sites on the island. The reef is in pristine condition, thanks to the efforts of the locals. Tourists are offered great accommodation options. Here at Cayo Coco, divers will find what they are looking for, and snorkellers are well rewarded, too. If you don't feel like getting into the water, not to worry, there are plenty of flamingos to look at.


USS Merrimac, Santiago de Cuba

Most suited to experienced divers, USS Merrimac was deliberately formed by the US troops in order to block passage for Spanish ships. Located in Santiago de Cuba, this is where you find some of the strongest currents in the region. USS Merrimac is not ideal for beginner divers.


Best time to dive

Cuba is a year-round destination, and you can choose your season depending on the region you want to be in. November to April is the dry season; visibility is excellent around this time of the year. If you favour dive sites on the southern coast, the best time for you is from May to July.