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10 Activities to Do in the Maldives with Kids - Top 10 Things to Do with Children during a Holiday in the Maldives

As one of the best beach family holiday destinations in the world, there's much to discover and explore in the Maldives. Here are ten things to do with your kids on the next family getaway to the paradise isles.



With most house reefs surrounding the resort isles teeming with tropical fish species and stunning corals, there's no better way to explore what lies beneath than with a snorkelling expedition with the whole family. Accessible to children of all ages and requiring minimal water sports gear, snorkelling is a rewarding and magical experience in the Maldives thanks to its impressive marine heritage.


Shopping in Male

Enjoying a shopping spree in the nation's capital is a must for those travelling with children. As the only area in the country to house large marketplaces and stylish boutiques, venture away from the confines of your resort to engage in some good old-fashioned retail therapy at Chaandhanee Magu and other shopping hubs in the city.


Go Dolphin Watching

As a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with one of the smartest and friendliest mammals on earth, a dolphin watching safari is a great way to teach kids about conservation in a fun and engaging way. Home to several species of dolphins, tourists are likely to spot spinner dolphins and whale sharks on their first time out while blue whales are also known to make an appearance.


Sandbank Swimming

Swimming in the calm waters surrounded by sandbanks is not only ideal for children with minimal swimming skills but also for adults who would rather not brave the big waves that surfers love in the Maldives.


Diving Lessons

Scuba diving in the Maldives is a veritable rite of passage for visitors. Families who are not adept at diving beneath the waves can learn the basics of this deep-sea exploration method and earn a PADI certification while holidaying in the country.


Boating Activities

The sheer variety of boating activities and cruises in the Maldives is staggering, to say the least; so, whether you opt for a traditional sailing tour or a sunset cruise, the experience is likely to be awe-inspiring and unique.


Beach Volleyball

For a beach sport that requires little equipment, playing beach volleyball can be an invigorating experience for visitors of all ages.


Kids Club Activities

Those who are based at the OZEN Reserve Bolifushi or any other Maldives resorts with kids club facilities will find that they provide hours of entertainment for vacationing children of all ages. From face painting and outdoor adventures to cooking demonstrations and gaming sessions, kids' clubs at local resorts pull out all the stops when it comes to keeping the kids gainfully occupied.


Crab Racing

As an unusual activity involving hermit crabs, crab racing is a fun and harmless way to spend time on the beach. Catching these delicate creatures carefully and then setting them free to run, family members can place their bets on which crab will reach the finish line first.


Tour of the Capital

Male is not only home to the Grand Friday Mosque but also the National Museum and Sultan Park, which are picturesque and educational venues ideal for families.

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