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What Do You Need to Install a New Gas Fireplace

Add comfort, warmth, and charm to your home with a gas fireplace. With an array of beautiful designs– from traditional to contemporary – it is easy for homeowners to incorporate these units in a variety of spaces. You might be wondering what it takes to install one of these units in the home, and whether or not this is a “do-it-yourself” kind of job. Here are the fundamental steps to installing a gas fireplace:


Choose a Location

Likely the easiest part of the installation process, choose a location that is a central gathering area in your home. Popular choices are often family rooms, living rooms, parlors, master bedrooms, and basements. It is important to select a location where you can easily install a ventilation system to the outside of the house.


Select and Order Your Fireplace

Once you have identified the ideal space for your gas fireplace, select the perfect manufacturer and design for your space. With multiple brands to choose from, do a little research into past customer experience, the brand’s overall reputation, and cost comparisons across different models. With a little research, you will be able to find the perfect balance of quality, design, and affordability.


Select Platform for Fireplace

While the fireplace you select may have been installed in a specific manner in the showroom, you can work with the manufacturer or furniture distributer to craft the perfect platform for your space. The platform will help position the fireplace in the space, and should be installed with the exhaust system and perimeter clearance in mind.


Cut the Ventilation Hole

With the platform and fireplace unit in place, you can now begin the ventilation system installation process. Connect as much of the exhaust pipe as possible to the fireplace unit, and line it up to the wall. Using a pencil, outline the exhaust pipe at the wall, then remove the fireplace and exhaust piping before making the final cut through the wall.


Hook Everything Up

Once you have everything measured and cut correctly, you can officially install the gas unit. Make sure you hire a professional to help you make all the necessary electronic and gas connections for your unit. Once everything is properly installed and connected, you can begin building in a floor-to ceiling mantel made of stone, tile, or brick to help bring an authentic fireplace feel to the space.