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Studies on Awareness Prior to Being Born - the Pre-birth Experience

Studies have been conducted on pre-birth experience (PBE), the one in which the person has clear memories of awareness before birth. In most cases of the PBEs, details of those memories can be verified through those who were there around the time of birth, usually the mother as the main person.

Our Responsibility in the Realm of Planetary Evolution

In these days of troubled times, it may be good to remember our responsibility in the larger context of the planetary evolution. Then we will not be thinking only of our own personal advancement in the material or spiritual realms. There is openness in the psychology of a person who shows interest in understanding the deeper issues of life, body and mind.

What is the Nature of Consciousness?

I liken the word mind to consciousness. They may or may not be synonymous depending on whom you ask. Consciousness is the essence of who and what we are. It is awareness. What it focuses on is where it exists at that moment. It's easier to describe what consciousness is not.

Receiving Messages In Dreams

Everyone dreams. Not everyone remembers doing it, but we all do it. It is a phenomenon that is shrouded in mystery despite the fact that we have been studying it, discussing it, and writing about it since our abilities to do so developed.

Reincarnation: Past Life Evidence?

The word reincarnation comes from Latin, meaning "re-entering the flesh." Reincarnation is the belief that the soul or spirit carries on after biological death and begins life in a new way. The details of reincarnation vary from interpretation to interpretation, and in truth no human being can provide factual, provable evidence of these details.

The Science of Sleep

What exactly is a good night's sleep? What really happens when we sleep? We've been told our whole lives that we need to get a healthy amount of sleep each night, generally accepted as 8 hours. But, just how important is it really? How does it affect us if we don't get a proper amount of sleep?

Is Physics Coming Close To Proving the Collective Consciousness?

I have a soft spot for physics, especially the mysteries of the quantum field of physics. I don't harbor any beliefs that I will ever actually understand any of it, but I do my best because it fascinates me and it always holds such great surprises.

The Most Damaging Beliefs

Everyone uses a belief system. It's kind of like the software or blueprint our ego uses to function in society and in our day-to-day lives. Our belief system determines every decision we make and every relationship we choose. But, as most modern folks know, if your computer software isn't updated or upgraded every so often, it just doesn't function anymore.

Our Choices Determine the Function of Our Brain

We used to think that our brain was fixed and constant in the formidable childhood years, but recent studies have revealed that our brain is dynamic and ever-changing through our entire lives. Scientists at Rockefeller University have been studying how tiny alterations in our environment influence neuronal activity.

Our Digital Consciousness and the Expanding Universe

Structurally, the human brain has been studied for centuries, and we can easily physically compare it to other brains of other species and find specific physical diseases and damage through physical observation. We can measure and study the brain's electrical activity through EEGs. We can measure magnetic fields with MEGs.

What is Cognitive Dissonance and How Does it Affect You?

Cognitive Dissonance is a term used in Psychology describing the uncomfortable feelings you feel when you are holding onto two or more conflicting ideas, beliefs, or values. As we grow, we start to develop ideas and belief systems from our parents and those around us in our environment.