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Apple Buys Locationary To Clean Up The Location Data Mess

Reported earlier by AllThingsD, Apple has acquired Toronto-based location-data management startup Locationary. Apple was seeking both the company's data management capabilities and the expertise of CEO Grant Ritchie and his team. The application of the technology is relatively straightforward: it's an investment in making Apple Maps and its local data much better.

Amazon Beats Pinterest In Fight Over .Pin Domain

Amazon has beaten Pinterest in a battle over .pin, one of the many new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) that are in the process of joining existing domains like .com, .net and .org. In a decision issued this week, a World Intellectual Property Organization mediator rejected Pinterest's objection to Amazon's application to own .pin.

Yahoo Ranks No. 16 On Top 25 Companies For Work-Life Balance, Google Fails to Make List

Job seekers looking for more of a work-life balance in their next career may want to avoid positions with Facebook, Google and Apple. The online jobs and career community website Glassdoor has released its 2013 Top 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance report, and not one of the three leading tech giants made the list.

Google Has $14 Billion Quarter But Misses Earnings Estimates

Google reported its second quarter earnings and revenues today. Total consolidated revenues (including Motorola) were $14.11 billion. That represents a 19 percent increase vs. last quarter, which was good - but not good enough apparently. By most analyst estimates, which were extremely bullish, this was a miss. Google is off in after-hours trading.

Gigya: Only 2 Percent Of Social Sharing Happens On Google+

Despite a reportedly growing user base, Google+ isn't popular when it comes to sharing content on social networks. A new report from Gigya says that only two percent of social sharing happened on Google+ in Q2 of this year (April-June 2013). That's a fraction of the sharing that took place on Facebook, Twitter and even [...]

2013: The Year In Google SEO So Far

In the first half of this year, there has been a lot of SEO-related news coming out from Google. Google has pushed out many new algorithms, made many changes to the search result interfaces, penalized many websites and tactics, as well as sent out many warnings about upcoming penalties or actions.

Mobile US & UK Facebook Users Jumped Roughly 20% In June, Mobile Ads Now 30% Of All Revenue

What was once a weak spot in Facebook's strategy is quickly becoming a strength. Mobile had been a soft spot with new and improved apps, the overwhelming usage of Instagram and added mobile revenue, but this is no longer the case. The focus has been mobile, and the focus is now paying off.

Marketing Day: July 19, 2013

Here's our daily recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: New Gmail Inbox Features Ads That Look Like Emails, Above Promotional Email Subscriptions If you've converted to the new Gmail inbox, you may have noticed in-line ads that resemble regular [...]

New Gmail Inbox Features Ads That Look Like Emails, Above Promotional Email Subscriptions

If you've converted to the new Gmail inbox, you may have noticed in-line ads that resemble regular emails at the top of your Promotions tab. These new native-style ads function as paid-for-placement email messages, and essentially circumvent standard email marketing practices. The ads do have a shaded background and ad symbol to differentiate them from [...]

Picture This: Facebook Pages Get The Ability To Comment With Photos

Facebook users have had the ability to comment with photos for just about one month now. Now Pages will have the same ability to comment with imagery. Facebook Pages will now see a camera icon to the right when entering a comment. The camera icon will prompt that the user uploads an image file from [...]

Dashboard Series: Creating Sexy Scrolling Charts In Excel

Last month, I promised a series on creating dashboards in Excel. To kick off the series, I started with a tutorial on how to create combination charts in Excel. Every marketer should have this critical skill mastered. You can expect this series to focus on cool visualizations in Excel.

Microsoft Also Misses On $19.9 Billion In Quarterly Revenue

A little while ago, Google disappointed investors by missing bullish revenue estimates. Microsoft also did so when it reported fiscal quarter and full-year earnings today. Redmond's overall revenue for the quarter was a massive $19.9 billion. Yet analysts had anticipated just under a billion more. Net income was $6.07 billion.

The Android Stats From The Google Earnings Call

Google announced Q2 revenues earlier this afternoon. In his prepared remarks CEO Larry Page threw out a bunch of stats about Android. Below are the major numbers he reported: 900M Android devices activations globally 1.5 million activations daily Over 50 billion apps downloaded from Google Play More money paid to developers in 2013 so far [...]

This Week On Vine: Brands Celebrate The 4th Of July, FLOTUS On Vine, #HDHacks & More

Vine was all about fireworks and BBQs this week in celebration of American Independence Day on the 4th of July. Lowes kicked it off with a hardware fireworks display by one of our favourite Vine-a-mators Meagan Cignoli. Happy 4th of July! #Vine #loop - Lowe's (@Lowes) July 3, 2013 VH1 celebrated the day more [...]

The Google Glass Privacy Debate: What's Real & What's Overblown Hype

To hear some people tell it, Google Glass is leading us down a path toward a world where every citizen is a walking, hidden spy, surreptitiously recording videos and photos of everything - and everyone - we see. What's more, they're afraid that those videos and images are being posted on the Internet for all [...]

US State Department: After Audit, We've Cut Our Facebook Spend By 90%

Mixed in with questions of about Egypt, Edward Snowden and the rerouting of the president of Bolivia's airplane, the US State Department fielded another issue during its daily press briefing today. What's up with spending $315,000 per year to buy Facebook likes? Answer: the budget's now been cut by about 90%.

Toss All The Text You'd Like On Facebook Covers, The 20% Rule Has Been Lifted

A longstanding anti-text-heavy term has been lifted from the Facebook Page terms. Dubbed the 20% rule, Pages were forbidden from using more than 20% text across their Facebook Page covers. This was one of the only changes that were maintained in the large Page cover shifts that occurred this March.

Study: Fake Twitter Follower Market Is Still Thriving Thanks To New Spam Tactics

Welcome to this quarter's report on Fake Social followers. BarracudaLabs dove headfirst into the world of paying for perceived social popularity. Verdict: The fake follower economy is still flourishing and is still the scourge of social media. The study showed that not only is the fake follower economy flourishing, but it is in fact growing.

Why You Should Be Doing Mobile Marketing, If You Aren't Already

It doesn't seem so long ago that we were introduced to the magical world of the Internet. It became the fastest and most interactive way to get the latest news and entertainment, and with this new technology came a new avenue for marketers as well. Thus, the age of Internet marketing was born.

Measuring Brand Perception & Strength With "This Is Not Spam"

Measuring the strength of one's brand is an important part of marketing, albeit somewhat difficult and sometimes expensive as it traditionally relies on tactics like surveys. However, marketers now have everything they need to measure brand perception using email marketing analytics. Specifically the rate that users indicate "this is spam" (TIS) or "this is not [...]

5 Email A/B Split Test Ideas You Haven't Tried

You're probably sitting there thinking, "A/B testing my emails is hard!" or "Where do I even start with A/B testing my email campaigns?" The truth is, most online businesses could spend a lot more time testing their email marketing campaigns, and this means you can stand out from the crowd by being one of the [...]

The Real State Of Programmatic Marketing

Clearly, we have an industry awash with talk about programmatic marketing and big data. But what is real, and what is BS? What practical executions exist today? And what does a future world look like if big data really is everywhere? I am on somewhat of a personal mission to provide a simple way for [...]

Native Advertising, WTH?

The concept of "Native Advertising" is getting a lot of attention these days. In some circles, it's been suggested that it may even "save newspapers." I blame BuzzFeed for doing such a great job of letting the cat out of the bag. As is so often the case, stick around a while and you'll learn [...]

Does In-Store Location Tracking Cross The "Creepy Line"?

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt famously (or infamously) said that Google's policy is to "get right up to the creepy line" but not to cross it. These days, the creepy line is a moving target where consumer data collection are concerned. Indeed, privacy continues to be a very hot-button issue in the US and around [...]

The Microsoft Reorg Versus Google: Lots Of Engineering, No Ads, Social Or Search Execs

Microsoft has reorganized itself to be "One Microsoft," with the company being organized by "function" rather than around products. How's that compare to one of Microsoft's chief competitors, Google, which did a reorg of its own two years ago? Microsoft is all about engineering, whereas Google is more product-focused, it seems. And unlike Microsoft, Google [...]