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What Content Marketers Can Learn From Baseball

7 Actionable Content Marketing Lessons Content marketers can learn important lessons from baseball. Like the Great American Pastime, content marketing requires the type of long term vision and execution that ensures your efforts don't strike out but instead contribute to your overall marketing and business goals.

Is Your Business Building Content Marketing Assets?

7 Content Marketing Assets Every Business Needs Are you creating enduring corporate assets with your content marketing? This requires thinking beyond a specific piece of content or sale to building owned media entities. In order words, would your business be able to survive if it were blacklisted on Google?

How To Make Your Small Business Look Big

7 Tactics For Small Business Success By their nature, small businesses tend to have limited resources. As a result, the classic small business response is to run from project to project and emergency to emergency boasting about being nimble rather than getting on track to achieve their business objectives.

How To Be A Social Media All Star

If there was a social media equivalent of the 2013 Baseball All Star game, who would you choose to be your social media star? Check out any list of top social media experts and you'll find that they have a set of consistent traits.

Social Media Marketing Fortune 500 Style

7 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tactics [Research] The Fortune 500 are using social media at a growing rate according to research by the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth. Historically the Fortune 500 have been slow to adapt social media while high growth firms represented by the Inc 500 leveraged social media platforms to cost effectively build their businesses.

How to Start Your Blog - 23 Point Checklist

Blogging: Viva La Difference Just as Bastille Day commemorates the uprising of the French people against the monarchy on July 14, 1789, blogging is the beginning of a new era of decentralized publishing by individuals. Blogging allows individuals, businesses and media entities to publish and distribute their content cost effectively.

Social Media Essentials

5 Step Guide To Social Media Over the last three years, social media has continued to expand in terms of usage, platform options and marketing influence. In part, this growth has been fueled by the exponential growth in ownership and use of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.

Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing (Charts)

Content Marketing: The Essentials (aka Where to Start) Content marketing is white hot! As a core element of inbound marketing, content marketing fuels social media, supports search optimization, and drives lead generation and sales. 2012 was content marketing's breakout year and it continues to be at the top of marketers' plans this year.

7 Step Marketing Framework

To celebrate our 1000th blog post here's the basic seven step framework of an actionable marketing strategy where your ultimate goal as a marketer or business owner is to get prospects, customers and the public to engage with you and to develop a profitable relationship over time.

23 Actionable Marketing Tactics To Keep Business On Track

5 Key Marketing Trends From The Last Three Years In honor of publishing our 1,000 th blog post tomorrow, we're presenting special content all week to reflect back on our three years of publishing the Actionable Marketing Blog. Looking back, here are the five major marketing trends that have emerged over the last three years.

31 Flavors of Content Marketing

How to Fill Out Your Content Marketing Offering July is ice cream month. Ice cream was an important food group in my family. In fact, my mother slightly modified our last name so she could write our first names inside of a picture of a scoop of ice cream on our lunch bags.

50 States of Social Media

Social Media Tips Everyone (Including Businesses) Can Use To celebrate America's birthday, the Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, we're offering you fifty ways to be a bright star on social media and to show your rocket's red glare. Determine how you want to present yourself on social media.

How To Reuse Your Content Marketing

To maximize your content marketing reach while limiting resource investment, repurpose or reuse content to create multiple pieces from each effort. Each element of content must be re-imagined so that it's contextually relevant, provides new information, and is adapted to specific venues so that it's not duplicate content.

3 Steps to Creating an Effective Mobile App Strategy

Marketers often ask: "Should I create a mobile website OR a mobile app?" The reality is you should provide prospects and searchers with information in the form they want to consume it in. Therefore, mobilize your content marketing. Offer a mobile website (or at least use responsive design), mobile app, social media presence (already optimized for mobile use) and mobile search.

Content Marketing: Riding the Wave

Summer is peak season for riding the waves. While surfers consider riding the wave an integral part of their sport, the term also means to take advantage of an opportunity. Content marketing continues to attract attention and budget because it's trustworthy and authentic.

Marketing: The 4 Moments of Truth [Chart]

How Social Media, Content Marketing & Mobile Continue to Change Marketing Marketing today is challenged by the increase in new connected mobile devices prospects have, the easy availability of low-cost valuable information they seek, and the ability to tap into a variety of resources including social communities for product recommendations.

Using Social Media To Support The Purchase Process

For many small businesses, social media is often a time-suck. Despite this, your small business can leverage the power of social media to get prospects, customers, fans and the public engaged with your brand and content by being selective and targeted in your use of these platforms based on the different phases of the purchase process.

5 Ways To Get Readers To Give A Damn About Your Blog

The dirty little secret of blogging is that your prospects and readers don't give a damn about your blog. They care about their needs, getting answers their questions quickly and easily, and being entertained. As long as your blog does this, they'll keep reading it.

13 Step Content Marketing Plan

To ensure your content marketing breaks through the ever-expanding amount of information, you need a plan to ensure that your information stands out from the crowd regardless of the amount of resources you have. Here's an easy-to-follow thirteen step plan to get your content marketing on track to succeed.

Content Marketing: How to Capitalize on Breaking News and Trending Topics

From a content marketing perspective, trending topics and news can help you to attract an audience and gain attention for your product, brand and/or company. David Meerman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing and PR, coined the word, "newsjacking" for this process so that you can interject your company's point of view into the news cycle.

7 Elements Every Blog Needs To Succeed

In their book, Built To Last, Jerry Porras and Jim Collins develop, based on extensive research, a framework for creating companies that continue to be viable and profitable for the long-term. Here are seven major elements of their blueprint that can be applied to building a successful blog.

Customer Experience: The Key to Social Media Gold

When it comes to social media and business in general, the cheapest thing that you can do is to give your customer a good experience. Small businesses have an advantage in this regard since they often know their customers personally.

Hidden Social Media Costs - Heidi Cohen

Many business executives would like to think that social media is free and/or believe that it just doesn't work because calculating social media expenses can be tricky and a lot of effort. Also, if social media is free, then they don't have the burden of calculating and attributing the costs appropriately.

Content Marketing: 7 Steps to a Successful Repurposing Strategy

When it comes to content marketing, one size content doesn't fit all. You must rethink the content in different ways and adapt it for specific platforms so that it's contextually relevant and provides more information. Planing ahead will save resources in terms of time, money and stress.

Blogging Advice from Dad

Fathers play a big role in our lives, especially when we're young and they seem larger than life. On Father's Day we take time to honor our dads who have instilled in us life lessons, many of which apply to blogging. Here are twelve blogging lessons I learned from my father.