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5 Thailand Travel Tips – For hassle-free travel experiences

Whether you want to bask under the sun, visit a local temple, snack on succulent street food, or go diving, Thailand has something for all; and provided are 5 travel tips that will come in handy.



In a general sense, countries including the US, UK, and all EU passport holders will be granted a free 30-day visa upon arrival via plane, and should you opt to arrive overland, then a visa for 15 days will be issued. Extensions can be done so with no fuss or raised eyebrows directed your way but in case you intend on staying in Thailand for longer periods, consider applying for a visa from your local Thai embassy.



As is the case with travelling, having a budget will come across as a good source of direction for all you globetrotters out there who wish to holiday in Thailand. Have in mind a list of places and attractions that you want to cover and use this as your guiding light. For obvious reasons, the more you include the more you will have to make allowance for from a budgetary perspective but overall, travellers can easily be in Thailand and spend no more than USD 30 – 35 per day. Lodging and leisure will be your main areas that will require adequate financing in order for you to make the most of your time in the country. Food is cheap and given that Thailand is home to a remarkable street food culture, any visitor can expect to pay anything between USD 1 – 3 per day for meals sourced directly from street food vendors, stalls, and night markets.


What to pack

Thailand experiences various seasons throughout the course of the year but generally speaking, warm weather spells would be the order of the day with the exception of Northern Thailand being subjected to cool weather for a few months. A good and strong travel bag is a must and one that contains multiple compartments and pockets will surely serve you well. In terms of clothing, cool and quick drying items must be brought along a with scarf or two which will be required before you enter local temple grounds. Among other notable items would be a beach towel, goggles, a hat, sunscreen, a first aid kit, and of course, your trusty pair of shoes for all those sightseeing trips and hiking expeditions that you may see yourself engaged in. In short, being well prepared ought to be your thinking.



Local transport spells convenience with a capital 'C' and is more or less efficient. However, though acting on one's own intuition is more than welcome, be cautious when it comes to the topic of transport. Thus, as opposed to having to wait at stations that can eat into your itinerary, access reliable websites such as for example, 12Go which will provide you with schedules pertaining to the bus, train, and boat schedules at a click of a button. Reservations ought to be made at least a few days in advance but if you are staying in the country during peak season which is between December to March, then consider making those all-important bookings well in time. Also, you can opt to inquire from your mode of accommodation on the best course of action and if residing at some of the best hotels in Thailand as part of Avani Hotels & Resorts, then do go right ahead!


Power adaptor

Though, most would not think twice about this, keep in mind that having access to a workable and flexible power adaptor can be a lifesaver, especially if you plan on bringing along your laptop with you to catch up on some work during your trip. In this regard, a universal power adaptor can be chosen as the power outlets that you will encounter in Thailand will be flat sockets or two-prong round sockets.