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Traditional Omani dishes you must try - Mouth-watering and magnificent

An interesting element of unique Omani culture is its mouth-watering traditional cuisine. From grilled meat, rice to dates and coffee, here a few other dishes anyone who visit Oman should try out.



Also known as Makboos and Kabsa, this traditional dish is said to be originated in Saudi Arabia. This dish is very famous in many Gulf countries including Oman. Majboos dish is usually cooked using basmati rice, meat or chicken, vegetables and a variety of spices. An ideal choice for lunch especially, after a tiring day of exploring Oman attractions. This rice dish is sometimes offered with green salad or yoghurt, tomato sauce and traditional bread.



In Arabic, 'Shuwa' gives the meaning of grilled meat. This dish is very popular among locals and it is prepared during special occasions such as Eid. The entire process of preparing this dish takes some time. Due to this reason, locals cook the meat on the first day of Eid and eat it the next day or the following day. The Shuwa which is marinated in flavourful Omani spices adds a distinct taste to this dish. It is inexplicable, you should try it! If you are staying at one of the many resorts like Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, you can try out this dish at one of its restaurants.


Omani Bread

Have you ever tried Omani bread? If your answer is no, you should definitely try out having some. There is a wide variety of Omani bread. You will see bread with a long and circular shape while some others are crisp and thin. Despite the fact that many bakeries and restaurants here offer this bread, most Omanis bake their bread at home.



Kahwa is another name for coffee (in Arabic). However, this particular type of coffee is famed for its texture and taste, also how it is dried and prepared. Kahwa is usually mixed with cardamom powder. Sounds unseal? Don't judge by what you see until you taste it on your own. Similar to dates, Kahwa is a significant part of Omani hospitality.



Also known as kebab, this will be a great snack for an evening or a BBQ party. Meshkak is marinated chicken, mutton or beef that is grilled on sticks. You can prepare it on your own since it does not require a lot of ingredients or effort. You can marinate meat using different spices and it is usually served with Omani bread.



A popular dessert among Omani people! Some of the Omani sweets are also known as 'Halwa'. This dish has a strong texture that looks even thicker than custard. Don't get deceived that this dish is all about chocolate due to its brown colour. It consists of honey, eggs, sugar, rose water, nuts and several Omani spices. It will give an extra taste when this dish is served with dates and Kahwa.



This unique Omani traditional dish is cooked for special occasions by locals. It is made with chicken or meat and boiled barley. Wheat can also be added depending on your preference. This is one of the healthiest dishes consumed by Omanis. They like it mostly with dry fruits, barista and chicken.