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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 13, 2023
Headline for 15 exhilarating water sports in the Maldives to get your adrenaline pumping – for inspired and engaging adventuring
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15 exhilarating water sports in the Maldives to get your adrenaline pumping – for inspired and engaging adventuring

The Maldivian seas are a treasure trove just waiting to be discovered and immersed in. Thus, for the most unforgettable tropical escape, check out the following 15 water sports to try in the Maldives.


Jet skiing

Best enjoyed in pairs but also an ideal outdoor activity for single travellers to the Maldives, the sport of jet skiing will have you zipping across the waves at breakneck speed and for half an hour of outstanding fun, you will only have to pay between USD 70 – 100.


Water skiing

Glide over the waves almost effortlessly with a ski on each leg and the wind at your beck will add to the joy of being taken over the waves by boat which is sure to linger long in your memory.



Get on your trusty board and propel yourself high into the sky for one awe-inspiring encounter with these tropics where your appreciation for the Maldives is sure to be elevated in no uncertain manner.


Catamaran sailing

Considered one of the best Maldives watersports to engage in, catamaran sailing involves the discipline of sailing with the added thrill of being guided by an expert crew through the pleasing environs that the Maldives is best known for.


Banana boating

Commencing from April through October is when the conditions are conducive to delight in a banana boat ride. Imagine being strapped onto a longboat and being pulled by a speed boat designed to knock you off balance. If such is your craving, then look no further than banana boating.


Fun tube

Similar in nature to banana boating, a fun tube ride is best enjoyed in groups that can be laid back to begin with before transforming into an enthralling ride over the waves.


Stand up paddling

Also referred to as SUP, stand-up paddling calls for poise and graceful strokes en route to combing these azure seas and is best delighted in during the period of March to May & September to November respectively.



Though, one will need to know the basics of swimming before attempting the water sport of surfing, intrepid travellers like you will be presented with the prospect of taking on all that these waves have to offer with all but a surfboard standing between you and being thrown into the sea.



Serving as a prelude to kite surfing, the sport of wakeboarding requires one to hang on to a tether before being pulled by a boat that will challenge your balance and center of gravity all in one go.



The sole difference between wakeboarding and kneeboarding is that in the latter you will find yourself on a board and on your knees for the duration of the ride.


Kite surfing

Get the best of both worlds so to speak as part of kite surfing where you will be coaxed by the winds to take off into the clear blue skies after having maneuvered your way over and through the waves.



Give yourself the best chance to capture the sights and sounds of the isles while having on a parachute and being connected to a speedboat that will soon have you scouring as much of the ocean as possible.



Resist the urge to move as the oceans do but settle down to a leisurely kayaking trip which is one of the best ways to explore and appreciate the coastline.


Underwater scooter

Experience an adrenaline rush of a different pace as you hop on a motorized scooter equipped with a glass helmet and begin moving past coral stretches and schools of fish in a manner that suits you best.



Set about learning of the species that inhabit the Maldivian seas while pausing by coral reefs as part of a snorkelling trip that will invariably have you falling in love with the outdoors of these isles. Should you be contemplating a stay where such an activity can be accessed, look up to what will be provided at Maldives properties such as Adaaran Select Meedhupparu.

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