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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 24, 2021
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5 Cool Things to Do in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Must-Do Experiences for the Visitor

If you visit the bustling city of Colombo in Sri Lanka, you will have the opportunity to engage in many cool things to see and do; these include visiting key attractions, riding a tuk-tuk, unwinding by the ocean and more!


Admire the Independence Memorial Hall

As its name indicates, the Independence Memorial Hall, a well-known sightseeing attraction in Colombo, commemorates Sri Lanka's independence from the colonial ruler Britain in 1948. You will see that this building is a massive stone edifice that is encircled by a tranquil green garden. Interestingly, the distinctive architecture of this building resembles that of Kandy's, Royal Audience Hall. The Independence Memorial Hall is made use of for the yearly National Day celebrations as well as various religious occasions. You will find that this peaceful site also offers a pleasant respite from the lively urban environment of the city and is a great place for a laidback stroll.


Wander through the lanes of Pettah

Your experience of the things to do in Colombo would not be complete without experiencing the vibrant commercial district of Pettah. You will find that Pettah is a feast for the senses offering a myriad of entrancing sounds, sights and smells that make it very different from other parts of Colombo. At Pettah, you will encounter innumerable small shops, stalls and pavement vendors selling a mind-boggling collection of goods at relatively low prices. Apart from various markets, you will also encounter several interesting sightseeing attractions here such as the Wolvendaal Church, Jami-Ul-Alfar Mosque, Old City Hall and the Dutch Period Museum.


See the sights of Beira Lake

An interesting place at which to relax and take a break from your sightseeing would be the expansive Beira Lake. Amidst the waters of the lake, you will notice a platform at which the Simamalaka Shrine stands. At this lake, you will also have the chance to hire a swan-shaped paddleboat and head out into the waters. As you relax, you may also notice monitor lizards, pelicans and storks as well as different kinds of fish within the lake. To visit Beira Lake and other Colombo attractions, an option to consider would be joining a tour organised by specialists such as Walkers Tours.


Take a ride on a tuk-tuk

Another must-do experience in Colombo would be to take a ride on one of the city's ever-present tuk-tuks. Practically everywhere you go in Colombo, you will notice these quaintly charming three-wheeled vehicles whose drivers will continuously offer their services. Taking a ride on a tuk-tuk will be great fun as you make your way through the city at a lively speed with the distinctive noise of the engine adding to the excitement. A tuk-tuk ride will be even more memorable after dark. However, before embarking on a ride, ensure the meter is working and if there isn't one, negotiate the fare before you begin the journey.


Relax at Galle Face Green

After a long day of exploring the city, a great place at which to relax and unwind would be the popular Galle Face Green. This site happens to be a long grassy expanse running along the beachfront; it's where many Colombo residents, as well as foreign visitors, congregate to enjoy quality leisure time amidst the sea breezes and pleasant surroundings. Many families and couples arrive here to relax and observe the stunning sunset. You will also encounter a host of vendors and offering delectable street foods and drinks too.

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