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Affiliate marketing strategy for global publishers

Daily Mail embraces affiliate marketing Mail Online, the world's most visited newspaper website is embracing affiliate marketing to help convert the 8m daily visits into a new revenue stream for the publisher. According to Experian Hitwise, Mail Online leads the way in terms of market share when compared to Guardian, Telegraph and Sun Online.

The Art of Conversation

Does the Conversation Prism help or hinder understanding of how to manage social media? You might have seen the Conversation Prism has recently been updated to version 4 by Brian Solis?. It's always been a very useful reference to me - if only to help realise the potential of social media marketing, and the opportunity beyond that of Facebook and Twitter, the platforms that dominate social media plans.

10 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy

Using a digital plan to support digital transformation If you want to develop a strategy, where do you start? Well, it doesn't need to be a huge report, a strategy can be summarised in two or three sides of A4 in a table linking strategies to SMART objectives and KPIs to make sure you're on track.

More people are doing online marketing badly...

What are the most common, most heinous online marketing mistakes? More people are doing marketing badly according to Seth Godin's recent post. It got me thinking that with the Content Marketing Avalanche, more people are now also doing online marketing badly.

4 steps to Improve your Customer Experience

Customer experience management (CXM) for multichannel commerce - moving from insights to action in 4 steps In my previous post on practical improvements to CXM, the advice was around creating a path in your organisation that includes customer journeys. This article explains how you can plan a better customer experience for multichannel commerce.

One of the most important changes ever made to Google Analytics?

Google rolls out a major update to Advanced Segments Recommended link: Google Analytics announcement on new Advanced segmentation feature I've long been a fan of using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics since if you're not using them, then you're only reviewing the average visitor and it's similar to marketing without targeting different customer segments.

Social media for professional services marketing

Professional services marketing: Build a business case for social success Social media adoption has been rapid within organisations serving consumer markets. The same however can't be said for professional services, where social media generally speaking remains a struggle.

Guide to Using Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Our guide to 10 ways to segment website visitors using Google Analytics When I work on Ecommerce projects to identify methods to increase conversion I always start with a structured analysis of current effectiveness of customer journeys using Google Analytics to help identify potential improvements to site page templates to test.

Gaming digital media persuasion strategy

How Betfair used Persuasion Principles to increase conversions by 7% The limited-choice days of consumers are long gone. Just a few clicks and you can have retailers lined up at your doorstep to deliver the product or offer the service you want.

7 practical steps for engaging with bloggers

Ideas for improving your blogger outreach In a world where consumers are bombarded by advertising, how can you cut through the noise to deliver your brand message in a meaningful manner? Word of mouth recommendations are nothing new, but with the evolution of social media, recommendations can now reach hundreds if not thousands or millions of people.

Using a company Google+ identity to create a company logo in Google SERPs

A tutorial to getting ready to take advantage of this new feature Google is readying to add company logos in their search results and they appear to be making it relatively painless to implement. It is easy to test to see if your site is correctly set up to allow Google to use the company logo.

SEO is dead - no really this time - it apparently might be

Or is SEO just getting some context? 5 ideas for your resetting your SEO agenda I'm not a fan of lightly making big, idle statements and this one has been made before. I say 'SEO is dead' now because the industry and culture of SEO, is fast transitioning.

Update to Moz SEO Ranking Factors recommendations

The new v3 Search Engine Ranking report was released in August 2009. I think this is essential reading for anyone involved "hands-on" on digital marketing whether you're involved in design, content editing or traffic building. I think the new structure and inclusion of many more ranking factors make it a "must read"..

The 10 types of online influencers [Infographic]

How do you segment your influencers for outreach? Traackr have produced a really useful infographic: The Many Faces of Influence - you may be able to spot some famous US digital marketing commentators there! We like this infographic since it prompts you to think whether you're making the most of opportunities to encourage online influencers to share your branded content.

How to integrate social media into marketing campaigns

Ideas on integrating social media into a marketing campaign While a campaign focused on social media can add a new dimension to a campaign, large "big bang" investments in social media within a campaign may not always be possible.

Benchmarking email effectiveness

Review your Email creative against 60 leading brands Recommended link: DotMailer Email Marketing Intelligence Report. Webcast 21 tactics to make your email templates more effective based on examples from the report were also featured in this webcast with Skip Fidura of dotMailer which we hosted.

Three approaches to improving YouTube marketing

Examples and tips showing how to get the best out of YouTube While YouTube is certainly an ideal place to while away the hours before quitting time at work, many people also view it as the place to head when they want to learn about...pretty much anything.

What is excellent online customer service? [Infographic]

7 ways to provide excellent customer service for e-commerce We recently shared a blog post by Neil Davey asking why the quality of customer service is still poor with companies who are using social media. It must be strong theme at the moment, as Salesforce have recently addressed some of these challenges.

Social Sign-on : the implications for Ecommerce sites [Infographic]

July 2013: The latest figures on the popularity of social sign-on We created this alert to the introduction of Google+ social sign-in in February 2013. It's interesting to see how the service has grown in popularity with users since.

Defining Customer Experience Management (CXM)

CXM vs UX - an introduction The children's TV programme Barney may not be the first place you would think to go to for business advice. But watching an episode last weekend (with my 3 year old cousin I must add) I did start thinking about Customer Experience Management (CXM), the new marketing phrase currently doing the rounds.

Mobile site or mobile marketing - which first?

Some examples of alternative strategies from retailers It's a bit of a 'chicken or egg' question, but when it comes to mobile commerce, what should come first - a responsive site or mobile optimised marketing? Or both together?

The sorry state of online testing

What is holding digital marketers back? Did you know that Facebook got a massive 40% increase in ad sales worldwide with just a small change in wording. Instead of a call to action button 'advertise' they simply changed it to 'create an ad'. This was discovered by accident.

How popular is search retargeting?

Review your use of search retargeting with this new benchmark Only a few years ago, 'retargeting' was the hot new practice in online advertising. Today, as Chango's new Retargeting Barometer report makes clear, retargeting has entered the mainstream.

The Perfect Social Media Update [Infographic]

Simple ideas to review for more impactful Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter Posts We like useful infographics that prompt you to think about the way you do things and change them. Myclever Agency have designed a 'clever' (excuse the pun!)

How sophisticated are your Adwords campaigns? [Infographic]

We like this simple PPC advice released by Finch on how to implement and optimize a PPC campaign for ecommerce sites, though it can be adapted across different sectors. It's a useful checklist for those who are perhaps new to managing adword campaigns, in 9 steps for planning, execution and monitoring your campaign.