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Tell Your Brand Story On Facebook | Social Media Today

Ernest Barbaric Maybe you already post on Facebook three times a week. Maybe you already boost posts to promote your content. But are you missing out on a simple way to share your brand story using the visual web, on the most popular social media network in existence today?

Identify Influencers for Your Blogger Outreach Campaign | Social Media Today

Identifying important influencers before you start going through the slow, patience-requiring process of blogger relationship building is going to save you a lot of time. The last thing you want is watching all of that time spent commenting and re-sharing and looking for reciprocal action is not to pay out - your time is important, right?

The Need for Social Media Responsible Use Training | Social Media Today

Chris Syme Gerald Baron, president of Agincourt Strategies and founder of the PIER Systems, put together an excellent video synopsis of how the news cycle operated before the advent of social med ia. Here was the process: Event occurs -> Information gathered by Public Information Officer -> Information given to media -> Media gives information to public This cycle was specific and predictable.

Social Media Crisis Control | Social Media Today

What isn't happening at most companies and agencies - and isn't talked about very much - is the reality of taking the INTENT to create a crisis management plan, and transforming it into an ACTUAL plan. Sitting down with teams or appropriate staff to talk through what could happen.

Grow Your Pinterest Following | Social Media Today

Melissa Megginson It's no secret that Facebook and Twitter are marketing powerhouses for brands. But did you know Pinterest can pack a mighty punch as well? While there are many benefits to being on Pinterest, as outlined below, many brands are wary of investing in the platform because their audience is already developed elsewhere.

What to do after a Facebook Growth Campaign | Social Media Today

Make sure that before you execute a promotion, there is plenty of great content populated on the Page that new fans will find value in. You only get to make one first impression, so when they visit your Page make sure that although your content may not have been the reason they visited, it makes it worth their while to stay.

Revive Your Prospect with a Story | Social Media Today

Mark Gibson Earlier this year I ran a Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment workshop for an early stage company in the Bay Area. They are not actually a start-up as they have been in business for a few years, but they are still starting up.

The Ideal Twitter Feed | Social Media Today

If you're looking at building Twitter followers strategically, take the universities' advice on your Twitter feed composition: make the majority of your tweets original information-sharing, engaging questions, and (witty, relevant) thoughts. Mix with a dash of conversation and retweets and you've got a Twitter stream that potential followers will want to follow.

Posts to Inspire Your Social Media Audience | Social Media Today

Pictures in social media are the dominant type of content post, but text plays an important role in your posts too. Look at Twitter, the majority of posts there are text. Then, look at Facebook. The reach is best for text-only posts too.

Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Business | Social Media Today

Many things can go wrong for your business on social media. Especially when OTHER people are managing your accounts. They could say something offensive, post something that is out of line with your brand, or fail to handle a customer complaint with professional tact.

Social Media in Schools | Social Media Today

Ritu Pant There is something about Facebook, and all of social media, that makes it work especially well within a school community. What began in the post-secondary realm has spread like wildfire throughout the world, but it has returned to academia on a younger scale.

The Anxiety of Checking in on Foursquare | Social Media Today

Social media and mobile technology is moving too quickly for retailers, restaurants and other brick-and-mortar merchants to risk a miscommunication or decide not to embrace the change at all. Ignorance is a slippery slope and far riskier than spending 10 minutes training your staff on how to handle social rewards.

Build Brand Advocacy | Social Media Today

Many brands have an established social media presence, but most haven't taken the opportunity to move from building a community to the next level of engaging the small percentage of influential advocates whose recommendations truly lead to sales. Here's a few key steps to create a meaningful and effective brand-consumer experience.

Web Marketing Tips To Help Your Small Business | Social Media Today

Web marketing is one arena where small businesses can compete against larger companies within the same field. While the size of a budget does influence the amount of money that can be directed towards marketing costs, on the Internet, every company performs on the same stage.

How To Write Great Headlines | Social Media Today

The headline will greatly influence your website traffic, bounce rates, conversions and trust. Millions of new blog posts, billions of new emails and thousands of hours of videos are uploaded online each day. However, only 20% of the people who see these new content pieces will make it past the headline.

Blogging Faster | Social Media Today

If you always have a new post on the go, you'll avoid feeling the pressure of looming publication dates, which can hinder progress, and you'll never truly be starting from scratch. Even if you've just got the main points of your post mapped out, get them down on paper, it'll really help you to finalize your post faster at a later date.

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and the #SocialShakeUp: Connecting with Constituents via Social Media

Alan Rosenblatt Social media gives up and coming politicians the opportunity to build a local and then a national audience. The really innovative ones are using social media in ways that provide value to constituents and voters. Cory Booker made an early big splash with his "tweet me if you need help digging out your car from the snow" idea.

Buzzdetector Measures the New ROI | Social Media Today

Shay Moser Social ROI? It's the big question out there. Sales no longer come from a linear model. The new mantra is conversation. But how do you track online discussions? First, what is ROI if it's no longer just return on investment?

Digital Saves Retail | Social Media Today

My wife and I have a baby on the way. Literally any day now he or she (we don't know which) could arrive. We're as excited and terrified as all first-time parents are, fully aware that our lives will utterly change but unaware of exactly how.

The Essential Guide to Webinars: Deliver Value to the Right Audiences [WEBINAR REPLAY]

Kelsey Arnold Listen to the audio: (length 01:00:41) or download here (right-click, save as) Many companies that operate online run at least one webinar per month, potentially earning them potential customers and reputations as market leaders. But great webinars (and we have just a bit of experience with them here at Social Media Today) are no accident.

Social Media in SEO | Social Media Today

If your content is of little or no value to your target audience, then in terms of ranking signals, this sends a powerful message to search engines. If similar sites are being talked about and shared more, then, all other signals being comparable the site generating less social buzz is going to lose out and it will lose visibility in search as a result.

Google News Feed | Social Media Today

The content found on newsfeeds typically comes from major news sites-The Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, etc.-but this isn't always the case. Google has a way of filtering out the great news content on the web, so if you're a new news-centered website, you still have a chance to earn a few spaces on that newsfeed.

The Center of the Conversation Prism | Social Media Today

Brian Solis JESS3 and I debuted versions 4.0 and 4.1 of The Conversation Prism (TCP) recently to an overwhelming response. Thank you. The initial post was intended to share the evolution of the popular infographic along with the transformation of the social landscape over all.

Amp Up Your Mobile With Social Sharing | Social Media Today

Jessica Ullrich It's mission critical that marketers develop strategies that combine mobile and social: That's how they are going to maximize their campaigns' reach. If you're looking for some inspiration for your next mobile marketing initiative, check out how these four companies have gotten creative with their campaigns and they key lessons that you can learn.

The Three Fs of Community Building | Social Media Today

Mark Kinsley Since the beginning of time, people have been arranging themselves into communities. Tribes formed, villages popped up, and cities emerged. In addition to the obvious and utilitarian functions a community serves, it's in our nature to connect, engage, and interact.