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Twitter Hashtag Analytics: 3 Fantastic Twitter Hashtag Analytics tools

Analyzing the activity around a hashtag on twitter can help you identify the influencers, find useful links, analyze trends and much more. If this article we look at 3 different tools that focus on hashtag analytics. So let's get this party started! 1.

5 Social Media Tools and Technology Tips Week 12

Each week we bring you some social media tool and technology tips that are actionable. Ideally you take one off the list and check it out to-day. So here's our 5 Tips for this week: 1. Use Tagboard to research Hashtags A hashtag is a filtered view of a conversation that was originally focussed on twitter.

How to use Google analytics to measure engagement on your blog

Are visitors to your blog really engaged in your content? Is your 'bounce' rate an accurate reflection of how engaging your blog is? In this article we outline some statistics you should consider monitoring to understand how engaging your blog is. 1.

5 Excellent Tools for Modifying Images

Adjusting the size, look or format of images can be very important when you share images through your blog or social media channels. Do you use any tools that will help with this? In this article we outline 5 tools you can use to optimize your images.

5 Social Media Technology Tips - Week 11

In this weekly series we focus on providing you short actionable and practical tips related to tools and technology. If you want to make regular improvements to your online presence this weekly article will certainly help. This week we have some great tips that I'm sure you will enjoy.

12 Great Facebook Contest Examples

Facebook contests can drive huge fan growth over a short period of time and can make a massive impact to your Facebook page. Is this something you are running on a regular basis on your page? Do you want some ideas/inspiration for what might work for your brand?

Content Discovery: 3 Essential Tools for finding great content to share

Content Discovery is a really important part to Social Media Marketing. You need to find and share great content which sometimes includes your own! But finding great content is so time consuming and time is a luxury we cannot afford!

5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips Week 10

It's time for another batch of tool and technology tips. Our focus is always on actionable tips that you can take away and we'd love you to implement just 1 tip each week. Incremental improvements to your Social Media Marketing can make all the difference. So here we go, are you ready?

Social Media Tools in Beta Q3 - 2013

Do you want to know about new social media tools that will be released soon that your competitors probably don't know about? We get contacted regularly about new social media tools that are not quite ready for production but development teams are working hard to deliver great solutions.

5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips - Week 9

Are you ready for the latest installment of hot tips? We have some great ones this week. My father loves his gambling on horses. He's been gambling on horses for 70 years (yes 70 years!) but what he does is gambling. Most of the horses looses but he enjoys it.

15 Social Media Tools for the Travel Blogger

Are you a travel blogger? (bloggers in general will get value from the tools in this post) Do you want some tools and techniques that will help you drive more traffic to your website and get your content seen by more people through social media?

Video Blogging: My Extremely useful tools for video blogging

You know you should be doing more video blogging, we all know it! Video is becoming increasingly important and it's not going away. But video can be time consuming, especially if you want it to look professional.

Technology Tips: 5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips

Welcome to another installment of some hot actionable social media technology tips and social media tool tips that you can take away and implement to-day. If you're looking for strategy tips, you're in the wrong place. We're all about actionable tips! So here are our 5 hot tips to-day.

How to use Social Media Tools to automate conferences or events

If you run meetings, events or conferences there are some great social media tools that can automate a range of tasks that will save you a significant amount of time. This week I had a fascinating conversation with Chris Nancy from Servicesphere who organizes a conference call TFT (Tomorrow's Future Today).

Off-Page-SEO: 5 Tips for Building Links to your Blog

Do you want to get links to your blog posts to help increase ranking on Google? Do you consider link building a task for an SEO person that you shouldn't be involved with? Off page SEO is the process of getting relevant links back to your site from other sites.

5 Social Media Tool and Technology Tips Week 7

Are you looking for some actionable, practical tips you can implement with social media to-day? Becoming effective with Social Media Marketing requires time, patience and continuous improvement. In these weekly articles we pick out some very relevant tool and technology tips that will help make ongoing improvements.

Lilach Bullock tells us her 8 favorite social media tools

Lilach Bullock is based in the UK and a was recently listed on Forbes as one of the top 20 women power influencers. She runs a very successful digital agency (, is a keynote speaker and is regularly quoted online in Forbes, Sunday Times, Social Media To-day and BBC Radio.

Link Tracking: How to track links shared on social media

When you share out a link on social media channels and get traffic back to your website what traffic comes to your site from that specific link? Link Tracking allows you track any links shared out on social media.

5 social media tools tips for businesses

Are you looking for some actionable social media tool tips hat you can help with your business? This is not an exhaustive post with extensive details but it does give you some practical actionable tips for your business.

3 Tools to Schedule Multiple Tweets for Blog Posts

Less than 5% of your twitter followers will see details of your blog post if you only post it once to twitter. It's controversial to post items on twitter more than once but if you want to promote your blog to twitter you need to post it multiple times to give the best chance of people getting to see it.

Jeff Bullas: Interview on social media tools and techniques for a blog

I caught up with Jeff Bullas at Social Media Marketing world recently and he shared some social media tools and techniques that has helped him grow a huge presence online. Jeff is an award winning blogger and is listed in the Forbes top 50 most influential people in Social Media.

5 social media technology tips to grow your social media presence

It's never too late to implement change. We can easily look back and wonder why we didn't change sooner but that does us not good at all. So look forward, make change and start to-day! So let's get started. Here are 5 Social Media Tool and Technology tips.

email marketing tools - 5 email marketing tools for conversion

Are you using some eMail Marketing tools that help you improve your conversion? If you're not focussing on aggressively growing your email marketing list you are missing a trick. e-mail marketing is not dead. If e-mail marketing was dead then you wouldn't have checked your e-mail at all to-day.

Twitter Analytics Tools: 3 Tools to help your business

There are some fantastic twitter analytic tools that will help you maximize the benefit from using twitter. In this article Kristi gives us 3 great ones that are worth checking out. Ready to get deeper insights into your Twitter activity, hashtags, and trends in order to enhance your Twitter marketing?

Social Media Tips for Social Media Tools

There is so much work to do on Social Media you really need to be organized. Every day I try to spend a least 15 minutes working out how I can be more efficient. It might seem like a waste of time but it does work!