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#FollowFriday: Tara Geissinger

By: Gini Dietrich | July 19, 2013 | By Gini Dietrich Have you ever met someone and you've thought, "Yes, she (or he) and I can be friends!"? That's how I feel about Tara Geissinger. It's not because she has 10-year-old triplets and makes it look like managing that many kids of the same age is a piece of cake.

Online Self-Publishing: Write Book, Power Brand

By: Jayme Soulati | July 18, 2013 | By Jayme Soulati In business, marketers look for the next new tactic to power the brand. Public relations professionals are hunting for the same opportunity. If you're the business owner or executive, when was the last time you took an introspective look at the wealth and breadth of knowledge you've accumulated throughout the years?

Online Habits: Is Less Really More?

Many of us set out to use the web in very deliberate ways, but our online habits change as our jobs or organizations grow. We ask, "Is less better?"

Continuity vs. Carousel - Consistent Leadership Matters

Consistent leadership is more important to an organization's success when growing an organization. A carousel - like the Denver Nuggets have shown - fails.

Customer Service: Should You Try for Second Place?

One doesn't want to purposely provide BAD customer service. But have customers' expectations - and the customer service bar - been raised too high? Read on.

Poutsch: A New Way to Ask and Answer Questions

Poutsch is a new way to ask and answer questions, either on the web or through your iOS device. Learn more about it here.

Integrated Marketing Communications for Every Sized Organization

Integrated marketing communications isn't a new concept, but it's more important today than ever before to practice it. Here are five tips to get started.

Blogger Relations Made Easy with GroupHigh

GroupHigh is part CRM, part monitoring dashboard, and part discovery tool...and one of the best new tools for your blogger relations programs.

How a Virtual Office Allows You to Stop and Smell the Roses

A virtual office has its cons, but the pros outweigh them. For instance, it gives you time to stop and smell the roses. Learn more about the pros here.

The Three Things, Edition 39

The 39th edition of The Three Things from Michael Schechter, Howie Goldfarb, and Gini Dietrich has thoughts on creative space, business networking and death

Gin and Topics: Snakes, Dogs, Cats, and Pigs Oh My!

This week's Gin and Topics, brought to you by Rebecca Todd, has snakes, dogs, cats, pigs, and Russell Brand. Spend 10 minutes with us today!

#FollowFriday: Clay Morgan

This week's #FollowFriday is Clay Morgan, the executive editor and general manager of the Daily News Journal. Find out why he's a Spin Sucks favorite.

The Magnificent Seven: Top Lead Generation Tactics

When it comes to lead generation, many marketers aren't sure which lead generation tactics they should use. Read on for seven top lead generation tactics.

Are You Ready to Hire a PR Firm?

Many business leaders are told they should hire a PR firm, but have no idea what that means. Here is a list of things to consider before signing a contract.

Do You - or Someone You Know - Have Social Media Anxiety?

Is social media anxiety crippling your employees? Motivate them to dive into your social media marketing efforts through an employee advocacy program.

How to Leverage Visual Content in Your Marketing Mix

Visual content grabs the attention of people and in today's information overload, it's easy to absorb it all. How do you leverage it in your marketing mix?

One-Star Reviews: How Mobile App Ads Can Backfire

By Alex Genadinik By now it has been well documented there are three main challenges in the mobile business world: Creating the app, marketing the app, and making money from the app. This is no different than almost any other business in which you have to provide a product or a service, market it, and make money from it.

Ignite Presentation: Six Tips to Give the One of Your Lifetime

After watching five friends present, we combined some of the best things they did into six tips. Now you can give the Ignite presentation of your life.

How Film and TV Jobs Prepared Me for PR

Film and TV jobs are not for the faint hearted. Then again, neither is PR. Here's how a film and TV background can prepare you for a PR career.

Paula Deen: A Lesson in Crisis Communications

Paula Deen has had a rough few weeks because she let an issue become a crisis. Here are five things she should have done during her crisis communications.

The Spin Sucks #FollowFriday Recommendations for 2013

It's the Friday of a short week so we bring you the #FollowFriday recommendations of the first half of the year. Find the Feedly and Twitter lists here.

Competitor Analysis: Four Keys to a Successful Strategy by @Alicia_Lw

By: Alicia Lawrence | July 3, 2013 | By Alicia Lawrence A competitor analysis provides you with the knowledge to make an informed decision on what aspect of your company gives you a competitive edge. Creating a PR or marketing plan without solid research on your competitors is like competing in a game without knowing the judging criteria.

The Top 10 Guest Blog Posts of 2013 (January - June)

It's time for our biannual top ten guest blog posts list. Today, we look at the first half of 2013, and highlight the best of the best. Are you on the list?

Eight Reasons Infographics Are Overrated

Infographics are here to stay, but some feel they are the lazy marketer's marketing. Here are eight reasons why infographics are overrated.

The Spin Sucks Summer Reading List

A big believer in fiction makes you a better writer, Gini Dietrich recommends six books for you to read during your summer vacation. Learn more here.