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1001 Canine Enrichment Ideas To Keep Your Dog Entertained

Here are my favourite ways to provide enrichment for dogs. There's games, toys, recipes and activities to get you and your dog engaged and living a full and happy life.

Canine Enrichment: The Ultimate Guide to a Dog's Needs

The term canine enrichment sounds a bit complicated, especially if you are a new dog owner, but here at Ruffle Snuffle we will demystify it and give you some great ideas for enriching your dog’s life and environment.

5 Ways To Use A Snuffle Mat With Your Dog : Canine Enrichment

The first time you use a snufflemat, put 3-5 really tasty treats on the top of the snuffle mat loosely in the fleece. Stay with your dog whilst they learn.

7 Egg Carton Games Your Dog Will Love To Play (No 2 Is Messy!)

The humble egg box can be a great source of enrichment for your dog. Instead of tossing your egg cartons straight into the recycling or your compost heap let your dog have some fun and games first. Egg carton games suit all breeds to provide mental stimulation whilst giving your dog an outlet to burn off some excess energy. These simple toys and games are easy to create with leftover egg trays and boxes and your dog's toys and treats.

Anxious Dog? 5 Easy Enrichment Activities To Calm Your Dog

Enrichment, or the act of providing your pet with mental and physical stimulation, can be a great way to calm an anxious dog.Dogs become anxious for many rea...

Amazing indoor nose work games to play with your dog from Ruffle Snuffle

Teach your dog the joys of nose work indoors on a rainy day. Check out my blog for more training tips and advice on canine enrichment . http://www.rufflesnuf...