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How do we become personally develop successfully?

Here are posts on personal development, self love, self growth to help us grow mentally and physically towards our goals. Please always share your ideas, experiences to help improve others no matter how little!!!


Staying committed in the face of challenges

Knowing how to be committed even in the face of challenges can help you attain success of rising to a certain level in your career.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at why commitment is so ardous and how to stay committed even in the face of challenges.(

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Self respect is a self value from identifying one’s worth. Self respect teaches people how to treat you in the manner you’re treating yourself.

Show respect:
How would you expect respect when you don’t respect people you ought to respect? More over, everyone deserves to respected so be an example, respect people and they would also give you due respect.

Be more of a listener than a speaker:
Not everyone understands this, but they know this fact. For instance, in a gathering for you to answer or act smart you have to be quite to listen in order to add to your own ideas. By giving smart answers or acting smart, people will value your opinions and also respect you.

.Take the lead:
Take charge of some responsibilities in your workplace, at home and wherever you find yourself. Learn to display leadership skills, don’t be a follower all the time.

. Be busy:
Create meaningful time for yourself, develop yourself physically and mentally and try not to be available all the time. When you’re absent at the moment you’re genuinely needed, next time you’re present, you will be appreciated.

Maturity – Oyinsunkanmi's ideas

Am i mature? Has anyone ever said to you "Darling, I love the way you handled the situation, you seem so mature?" You have heard that countless times, but you still aren't sure, if truly you possess all that it's required to be mature. Luckily, you're in the right place to find out, because this…