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Headline for Street food you will find in Qatar – For an insight into Qatar’s culture
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Street food you will find in Qatar – For an insight into Qatar’s culture

In Qatar, street food is more than a mere meal. It is a celebration of culinary skills and recipes that have been handed down through generations. Given are some of the finest varieties in the State.



Considered a staple when it boils down to discussing the value and appeal of Arabic street food, Shawarma is more or less seldom forgotten and that too for good reason. Authentic versions of this delicacy will have you coming back for more and when on holiday in Qatar, many an opportunity will present itself to the foodie in you to sample a good helping of same. Featuring among the most sought after forms of street food that you can sink your teeth into, Shawarma is a pita bread sandwich filled with succulent and freshly marinated meat and pickles that will soon have your mouth watering at first glance. For between 7 to 15 Qatari Riyals, travellers like you can purchase a Shawarma which is made after the skewered meat is subjected to a process of slow cooking where pungent ingredients are included to enhance flavour.



The Arabic Crepe which is sold in Qatar is made after a wheat batter is created through a mix of flour, water and a pinch of salt. Thereafter, the batter is poured over a circular frying pan and with the help of a spatula, the mixture is spread evenly. Various toppings are part and parcel of the Crepe in these parts with Nutella known to be included in a manner that enhances the allure of snacking on such a street food variant during the course of a sightseeing expedition within the country.


Pani Puri

Having originated in India, Pani Puri is arguably, one of the 'go to' kinds of street food when one desires to partake in a tour through Qatar. The main element of this speciality is a wheat flour base which is then made up of a series of ingredients such as chat masala, flavoured water, potatoes, chickpeas, onions and tamarind chutney to round off a truly delectable culinary adventure. If looking for places to get your hands on some Pani Puri, do look up a certain Indian restaurant down Al Matar Street, Doha which goes by the name Bombay Chowpatty.



Next up is Khaboos which is Arabic flatbread that is made with the help of white wheat flour called Maida. Generally, Khaboos is served and best delighted in with an array of sublime dips and hummus that will have you salivating in seconds. If you're wondering where to go to in order to enjoy some of the finest Khaboos in the State of Qatar, look no further than the Souq Waqif. For those staying at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara which has its own selection of Doha restaurants, the Souq can easily be reached within 26 minutes via the Al Corniche


Magic Corn

Considered a favourite among the locals and similar to sweet corn, Magic Corn is made up of chilli powder, butter, salt, sauce and a sprinkling of lemon that makes for quite the snack when on the go. Given the fact that Qataris have a special place in their hearts for Magic Corn, one is assured of being served nothing short of the best when out and about and in need of food that best showcases the passion and flair of gourmet creations in the State.