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List of Art Movements to Help You Learn About Art

There are many different art movements that we cannot possible know each one of them. But we have compiled a list of the one’s we will are extremely important and can provide you with a good understanding of how art has evolved.

Your Guide to 20th Century Art: 1930-1970

Unpacking Even MORE 20th Century Art In part one of Artsnapper's guide to 20th century art, I gave you an intro to some of the biggest movements of the 20th century's first three decades. Hopefully by now you've had time to relax and recover from the barrage of information, because I'm about to do it again.

Your Guide to 20th Century Art: 1900-1930

20th Century Art Unpacked I have a confession to make, Artsnapper readers. Although I sit at my laptop and churn out articles full of great art knowledge to pass on to you, I am not an expert by any definition of the word.

What's So Great About Abstract Expressionism?

Abstract Expressionism Explained For a movement that rocked the art world, abstract expressionism can be pretty hard to get. Upon first glance at a work by Mark Rothko or a Franz Kline, you might just see some fuzzy blobs of color or giant black streaks.

How to Identify an Impressionist Painting

As an expert art historian (or bull-shitter, you tell me), I have decided to divulge to you 5 telltale signs to look for when trying to identify an Impressionist painting. 1) Light Effects: Impressionist artists were interested in the effects of light on the atmosphere.

3 Questions That Motivate Artists to Paint Photos (Hyperrealism)

Hyperrealism: Why Paint Photographs? The obvious answer to this question is because it's awesome. Just check out a few paintings by hyperrealist artists, such as Ralph Going (Above), Robert Bechtle (Below), or Pedro Campos (Below), and you will see that there is some sort of entrancing magic created by paintings that are so real-looking that they can be confused for photographs.

What is "Art"?: 19th Century Realist Movement Challenges the Status Quo

If I have learned anything in my time studying art history, it is that art is constantly evolving, using the pastin order to help create the present. Artists look to the past for style and technique, but what truly seems to inspireis the now...especially in the last century or so, at least.

Cubism: The Most Influential Art Movement of the 20th Century

Cubism: The Art Movement Cubism is an art movement that founded in the early 1900s now considered by many art experts to have been the most influential art movement of the 20th century. I know that it is a bold statement to give such a big title like that to Cubism, but I really believe this to be true.

What is Outsider Art?

Art by Swoon and KT Tierney. Photo by Aaron Colussi. Outsider Art Defined I love this piece about outsider art, written after the Outsider Art Fair hit New York the weekend of January 28 th-29 th.

Changes In History Through Art: 19th and 20th Century Cities

I believe one of the most distinct and interesting transitions in art came between the 19 th and 20 th centuries, at which a major change in metropolitan life occurred. During the 1800′s, European cities were not-so-densely packed locations for the upper bourgeois class.

Art Movements - Artsnapper

Throughout our existence there have been many Art Movements. These art movements have become more a more important during the era considered Modern Art (1860′s - 1970′s) when every new movement was deemed a new avant-garde (experimental or innovative).