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LinkedIn Gradually Rolling Out Ability to Comment/Like Status Updates as Your Company

Well, it looks like this morning's LinkedIn quick tip wasn't the only LinkedIn feature rollout to slip through our cracks in the past several months. To be fair though, I can't really find an official announcement about this one from LinkedIn.

How to Showcase Your Work Using LinkedIn's 'Professional Portfolio' Feature [Quick Tip]

We've all heard the expression, "You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?" This idiom means a lot, particularly when it comes to proving your worth in the job market.

I'm Not You, You're Not Me. So Why Do We Have the Same Internet?

Fab is a fast-growing ecommerce company that made its name running daily flash sales. But this week the New York-based e-tailer announced a pretty big change: from now on Fab will drop the flash sales and instead enable its members to "follow what you love," and only get information about things they care about.

Your Traditional Marketing Tactics Don't Work on Millennials: Here's How to Adjust

Let's level. Are Millennials just tablet-toting whiners living in their parents' basements? In short, no. Of course not. But we're marketers; the only part of that much belabored stereotype we care about is maybe the tablet-toting part. What's more interesting is the fact that, according to USA Today, Millennials represent the largest demographic in the United States.

Is Apple Working on Ad-Free TV?

Apple is working on a TV service that would let people pay a little extra and be able to skip ads, according to a new report from Jessica Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal reporter.

Fact or Fiction? The Truth Behind 9 Embarrassing Global Expansion Blunders

There are many complex decisions to be made when planning your company's expansion into new countries. No culture is alike, and each country has a language and customs unique to itself. Ergo, you would think that culture and language research would be top of the agenda for every company planning to penetrate new markets.

How to Add Alt Text to Your Email Images [Quick Tip]

Once you hit 'send' on an email, its fate is in the hands of the email gods. In other words, things like recipients' email clients, the devices they're using to open it, and their browsers. Your recipients could see an email that's beautifully designed, perfectly aligned, and the optimal size ...

S%*t PR People Do That Journalists Hate [SlideShare]

I began my marketing career at a political communications consultancy in Washington, D.C., and it was only a matter of days into each client engagement when one of their executives would say, "have you thought of the TODAY Show?" or, "do you think the Journal would be interested in this?"

Google+ Update Makes It Easier to See What Your Friends Like, and Other Inbound Stories of the Week

This week, brands everywhere started to switch things up. New features, new monetization models, and even new data cropped up everywhere ... and you've got to make sense of all of these new shiny objects in case they could be a great opportunity in your marketing.

10 Brands That Jumped on Instagram Video (And Rocked It)

When new social media features are released, every news outlet and blog jumps on the story. (Hey, we do it, too.) Everyone's thinking: what is this new feature, and how does it fit into my current content strategy?

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Social Media Buttons

Social media is an extremely valuable tool for promoting all your awesome marketing content. But with so many social networks providing their own individual content sharing and follow buttons, it's often difficult to know which social media button to use for what purpose. Be confused no more!

Analog Values in a Digital World: Are We Moving Too Fast for Our Own Good?

I've been thinking lately about the virtues of the analog world. This started when I came across some photographs I took in 1991 on a trip to Peru, hiking the Inca Trail. Some were in color. Some were in black and white.

How to Embed Instagram Photos and Videos, No Hacks Required [Quick Tip]

A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that video is now available on Instagram. We were pumped ... and then quickly disappointed because we couldn't do anything besides post videos to Instagram. No embedding options whatsoever, and hacking the video embed code was fairly complex and didn't always work properly.

Psychology for Marketers: 9 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior

One key part of being a great inbound marketer is understanding how -- and why -- other people think and act the way they do. Think about it for a second. How can you create compelling content if you don't know why it would be compelling to your audience in the first place?

A Look Back at 20+ Years of Website Design

Web design has come a long way since 1991 when the first ever website was published. Exclusively text-based, this first website marked the beginning of what would become a digital revolution. And while recollections of "under construction" GIFs and blinding background colors make me thankful for just how far web design has come, there are some historical web design choices that in fact demand a nod of approval.

How to Create Clickable Links in SlideShare Presentations [Quick Tip]

This situation sound familiar? You're clicking through a SlideShare and stumble upon a call-to-action (CTA) that reads, "Click here to learn more!" You're intrigued, so you click the blue, hyperlinked text ... then nothing happens. Ugh. As a user, you think "How careless of them to forget to include the link!"

How to Tackle the Most Common B2B Sales Objections

Getting objections during your sales process is expected ... though it can be one of the most frustrating aspects of selling. You've done your research, prepared for a phone call or demo, and then you're hit with the but. " Your product is great and all, but I don't have the money for it."

Facebook Finally Rolls Out Graph Search to U.S. Users

I know what you're thinking: "Finally? But I already have Graph Search!" Well, then you were one of the lucky ones. If you can recall, in January, we reported on the announcement of Graph Search, but it was just that ... an announcement. The tool was in beta, available only to a limited number of users.

10 of the Best Pinterest Boards to Teach You About Marketing

Reading's a pain in the butt, eh? (Did I already lose you? One sentence is a lot to digest.) Okay, seething sarcasm aside, I do get the aversion to reading. It's not necessarily a fervent dislike of reading; many of us just have too many things going on to dedicate a significant amount of time to the activity.

The Non-Designer's Essential Glossary of Web Design Terms

When I started my first job, I did everything my tiny marketing team needed at a moment's notice. Although I was more experienced in blogging and social media management, I was soon pulled into design projects.

Awful 4th of July-Themed Posts We (Wisely) Decided Not to Write

A hot topic of discussion among inbound marketers is how they think of topics to write about. I personally find myself engaged in a life-long topic brainstorm -- topic ideas tend to pop up at the bar, on the train, in the shower, even while I sleep.

16 Examples of Totally Ridiculous 4th of July Stock Photography

The 4th of the July. Independence Day. The day we Americans fire up the grill, crack open a few cold ones, watch fireworks displays, and laugh at ridiculous 4th of July-themed stock photos. No? Well, there's always room for a new tradition. We wanted to give you something light and fun today, since it's a day for celebration.

How to Transition From a Traditional Marketing Budget to an Inbound One

Ah!!! The (rotten, stinky, cheesy, noxious) smell of the annual marketing budget process is closer than you think. It's time to stock up on antacids and lay in a supply of instant energy drinks, because you've got two daunting tasks ahead.

How Cluttered Is the Advertising Landscape, Really? [Timeline]

Airplane trays. Parking meters. Bathroom stalls. These are only a few of the unusual nooks and crannies that advertising has ineffably found its way into over the years. We know advertising is everywhere, and we know the media landscape is more cluttered than a house on an episode of Hoarders, but, like, just how bad is it?

How to Ease Your Sales Team Into Social Sales

For over 20 years, I have spent most of my career largely in a world filled with sales and marketing professionals, and I am often baffled that one group will often embrace a new technique or method, while the other will completely ignore it.