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List of Delicacies to Try in the Maldives – A unique culinary experience

With a sprawling yet stunning archipelago of over 1,200 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives of today boasts a unique cultural identity, which also includes a distinct cuisine. Which references strong influence from its neighbors such as Sri Lanka and India. Here is a list of curated delicacies, avid foodies should not miss out during their holiday in these paradisiacal islands.


Maldivian live lobster

Lobsters hold a special place in Maldivian cuisine and are an absolute must-try. Freshly cooked lobster is soft and delicious and is best enjoyed when prepared right in front of you and served hot. Live lobster can be enjoyed at many restaurants, which will generally serve it in their own unique style. If you're a seafood fan consider, visiting top Maldives restaurants at resorts such a Heritance Aarah Maldives to enjoy the luxurious experience of having the dish prepared by professional chefs of the highest caliber and served in a stunning setting


Fried Yams

Delicious and crunchy, fried yams make for a fun and tasty snacks. Usually made out of yams such as sweet potatoes, which are enjoyed with by different types of sauces and chutneys by locals. This fried snack is a sweeter and starchier alternative to French fries and is high in fiber and vitamins. Most restaurants and cafes serve this as an accompanying dish and is a definite must-try. Consider trying this dish out in chic cafes in Raaveribe Maizaan in the capital Male. The snack is usually priced at MVR 10 – MVR 35.


Fish curry

Thanks to an abundance of seafood, fish in a curry form is considered a staple in Maldivian cuisine. Popular types of fish used in these spicy dishes include yellowfin tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, bigeye scads, and skipjack tuna. Three main ingredients included in the typical fish curry are starch, coconut, and fish along with a complimentary mix of spices. The curry is traditionally enjoyed with roshi, rice, and Maldivian poppadoms. Top spots to enjoy a fantastic fish curry include Sunset Corner, Café Sea Breese, and Kaalamaa Restaurant. If you cannot handle a high level of spices, do talk to the chef prior.



Made out of rice flour dough or wheat, Gulha is a much-loved local delicacy filled with chopped onions, tuna, coconuts, and chilies for an extra spicy kick. Reminiscent of dumplings, Gulha is crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious inside. A snack which is enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea come teatime, recipes tend to vary according to preferences, with some cooks adding chopped curry leaves, lime juice, and turmeric to the mixture.


Mas Huni

A popular delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed by the locals for breakfast, Mas Huni is a dish consisting of shredded tuna mixed with coconut, chilies, and onions. The dish is popularly eaten with a flatbread known locally as Roshi. Often times Mas Huni is also prepared with moringa pods, pumpkin, and boiled butternut squash.