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Mack Collier - Latest Blog Post Analysis


Fans Have Gravity: Why Customer Acquisition Isn't Your Best Marketing Bet

Marketers are obsessed with size. Especially size of market, and they often spend billions of dollars chasing the biggest market of all: New Customers. And yet, rock stars follow a completely different marketing path. Instead of marketing to New Customers, they go out of their way to create experiences and engagement with their biggest fans.

Three Ways to Create Content That Creates Fans

Over the past few years there has been a big surge in the use of the term 'content marketing'. And really, the idea that your content IS your marketing. As social media usage has become mainstream, we've all become content creators.

You Can't Screw Up Your Marketing If You Give it to Your Fans

Over the past few months I've been sharing with you what I've been learning from the process of creating my book Think Like a Rock Star, and then marketing it, etc. Today I wanted to give you an update on how the book's doing and also talk about my marketing efforts to this point.

Five Ways a Small Business Can Use Social Media to Drive Sales

I have a friend that runs a small retail business and a couple of months ago I gave her a copy of Think Like a Rock Star. She loves the book and the last two times I've been in to see her, we've been discussing ways that her business could leverage social media to drive sales, and cultivate fans.

Three Ways Your Marketing Needs to Adapt Before it Dies

Over the past 5 years or so, there has been a rush by companies to understand how to use social media tools. Customers are using these tools, so brands rationalize that they need to learn how to use these tools to better sell to those customers via those tools.

Give Up Control to Get Control

"I just said we gotta do this, this is at the heart of the brand. We've got a real problem in losing control of our ability to talk to friends." - Former Maker's Mark CEO Bill Samuels Jr. on how he pitched the idea of launching a brand ambassador program to his Board of Directors.

Are Your Owning or Renting Your Social Media Presences?

The last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about this. It seems a lot of the free social media tools that we are 'renting' have come under fire, or disappeared. Google Reader went away, disrupting how readers subscribe to and receive our posts.

Mitch Joel is Co-Hosting #Blogchat tonight!

I'm super-pumped to announce that Mitch Joel will be joining #Blogchat tonight at 8pm Central! Mitch will chat with us about how he does blogging, as well as his new book, Ctrl-Alt-Delete! Here's the schedule: 1 - 8:00-8:15PM - We talk about where Mitch gets his blogging ideas from.

Think Like a Rock Star Speaking Stops in the Fall

We're now in the 2nd half of 2013, and I'm pretty excited because it means I'm about to hit the road to present Think Like a Rock Star! I'll be presenting TLARS at several stops mainly in the Deep South for the rest of the year.

How Many Social Media Sites Should Your Business Use?

I help businesses of all sizes learn how to better incorporate social media into their marketing efforts and grow their business and cultivate fans. Perhaps the most common question I hear (especially from small businesses) is 'How active should we be with social media?'

A Special 'Thank You' For Buying/Reviewing Think Like a Rock Star

Earlier this month I was the closing keynote for an all-day social media event that the AMA held. I presented Think Like a Rock Star to close the event. Due to some technical issues, I couldn't appear live, and had to record the hour-long presentation.

How Do You Decide Who You Should Be Writing For On Your Blog?

I've been blogging here for just over 4 years now. I love blogging, but one of the things that has always frustrated me about blogging is that I have never been able to draw a direct line between my blog and a quantifiable business benefit.

Jay Baer Co-Hosting #Blogchat Tonight Discussing Youtility and Blogging!

Tonight at 8pm Central, Jay Baer will join #Blogchat to co-host and talk about his new book Youtility, which launches this week! Here's what we'll be discussing: From 8:00-8:15PM, Jay will talk about Youtility and what it means for your marketing and your business (it also applies to anyone that creates content).

The Marketing Power of Removing Your Customer's Fear

I'm beginning to work on my first set of digital products to offer here, and I'm pretty excited. It's something I've been wanting to do for a couple of years now, but I've put off doing it because I was scared of getting started.

Blogging and Social Media Phone Consultations Starting at $49 This Month Only!

I offer phone consultations on marketing, social media and blogging strategy, and my standard price for these consultations is $150 for a 30-minute call, and $250 for an hour-long call. At that price, the average customer is a mid to large-sized company, and typically they buy them in blocks and have monthly or weekly calls.

Think Like a Rock Star: How to Create Fans of Your Blog

Tonight at #Blogchat we're going to apply the Think Like a Rock Star principles to building your blog's readership and fans. In the book, I talk about the four reasons why rock stars have fans instead of customers. You can apply each of these areas to your own blogging efforts to grow your readership and actually create fans of your blog.

Hire Me to Present Think Like a Rock Star At Your Event This Fall

Over the past few weeks I've been adding dates to my speaking schedule for the Fall, which you can find here. I am planning on speaking 2-3 times a month for the rest of the year. As you can see, I have one date already locked down for most of the months.

#Blogchat Topics For June Plus Two HUGE Co-Hosts!

We'll have FIVE Sundays in June, as well as one rock star co-host! Here's the lineup: June 2nd (Tonight!) - We'll be discussing How to Use Topic Buckets For Your Business Blog . This will be an expansion of last week's post on the same topic.

Guest Post: How We Think Like a Rock Star at

Note: This is a guest post from's Kelly Hungerford, who heads up Marketing and Communications for the brand. I asked Kelly to write this post for several reasons, but mainly because she's been a huge supporter of me and my book Think Like a Rock Star for months now.

The Three Keys To An Amazing Call To Action

1 - There has to be a clear benefit for the reader 2 - It has to be easy for the reader to perform the desired action 3 - There has to be a clear benefit to you the blogger I will tell you upfront ...

How to Use Topic Buckets With a Business Blog

A couple of years ago I talked about the concept of using Topic Buckets on your blog. The process is pretty simple. You pick 3-5 main topic areas that you will cover on your blog, and each one is a 'bucket'. Then you write posts that are related to each bucket.

So How Much Money Will You Make From Writing a Book?

I've always tried to be brutally honest with y'all when it come to money in this space because: 1 - It helps you trust the content I create here 2 - Being transparent is more comfortable for me than being vague 3 - Too many people in this space have

How to Create and Market a 'Cool' Product with Social Media

I recently got this email from a reader of Think Like a Rock Star that's interested learning how to use social media to connect with her fans and market a 'cool' product.

Fan Organizes Global Movement Celebrating Nutella, So the Brand Sends Her a C&D Letter

Sara Rosso is definitely what you would call a 'superfan' for Nutella. So much so that in 2007, Rosso decided that the chocolate-hazlenut spread deserved its own holiday and created World Nutella Day. Over the past 6 years, the 'holiday' has grown into first a community for fellow Nutella fans, and now a movement celebrating the brand.

How to Be An Amazing Public Speaker, Especially If You Are An Introvert

I didn't realize how bright the lights would be. I was sitting on stage, in a room of 500 or so people, but when I looked out at the crowd, all I saw were those blinding white lights. It was 2008, and I was the moderator of a packed session in a ballroom at South By Southwest.