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Updated by Yash Kameshwar on May 27, 2022
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Different types of Virtual reality which will make you surprise

Here are some of the best tech stuff. Which I find interesting and I think is going to be the future of modern technology. Out of which Virtual Reality is one of the best technology which I ever found as it is the potential tech asset which will be growing into the large scale tech. Hope you all will enjoy. Thankyou!


Haptic technology

Haptic technology is all about the haptic feedback or the immersive feedback(kinaesthetic sense of 3D touch )that we get when we touch or sense .

Vram VS Cuda Cores VS Clock Speed

V-ram vs Cuda Cores vs Clock Speed is some kind of topic that I guess everyone should know about if you're getting into the world of processors, Graphic cards and etc.

Nvidia gaming and its advancements

Nvidia gaming and their graphic hardware are the most popular and the beast graphics machine of all time in the gaming industry .


Live the film

Live the film

As we talked about the Embodiment technique in our last post. In this post, we are talking about the "live the film " in which we will only be applying the one illusion and that is the Place illusion and some vibration effect where we will be using haptics again.


Get to know all about Science and Technology.

Get to know all about Science and Technology.

Science and Technology (introduction)- Science behind every technology as said in the description, here I am going to share some of my technical ideas about the technical gadgets / Technology which I want to make it exist in this world, Which I guess are the basic but with less advancement in that field.

Can force use of GPU for 2d drawing make finishing impact smoother?

Force use of the graphic card can be meant in any way 1. Overclocking graphic card to run a program or 2. Manually setting an application to GPU.

Intel and its types

Intel Core - Intel core is the brand name of Intel the core represents the main brand word. As the core of intel gives you the performance and some additional qualities that other intel processors don't have. Intel has its Intel core, Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron and they also have the special brand called Intel Xeon which is used for the high performance in providing workstation and server speed and quality.

Facilities required to build a project based on Augmented Reality

Facilities required to build a project based on Augmented Reality are much lesser than you actually think off.

How haptic technology can be used in travel company?

Haptics has almost become the most important and must-use hardware in any kind of device.

Haptic Technology and Feedback

Haptic Technology as said before is a technology that gives you the feel of touch of the virtual objects which will change the immersion

Haptic technology

The Remastered is that term which itself says that the game company is out of idea and they are eagerly waiting to release something and make tons of

Important gadgets used in AR and VR environment

The one thing common in both Realities is the Unity software which is used in both to create the game or application.

Generation means the advancement of technology in computer with time

Generation brings advancement of technology in computer time to time. Generation itself means passing time to time, then why advancement in tech?

What are some cool virtual reality ideas?

Virtual Reality is the most futuristic yet difficult to adopt in today's world, as not everyone is habitual to the virtual world.

Benefits of Planck's quantum theory to the society

As we know Maxwell explained us about the wave nature of the electromagnetic radiation which is helpful for us to know about the interference and etc.

Programming Quantum Computer (Kick Off)

Just like all other codes, we will first import the Qiskit and then we will take registers and join a connection between them just like this.

How does processors work on quantum level?

How does processors work on quantum level? There are many companies that not only produce Quantum Computers but also Quantum Processors i.e. 1Qbit

latest chrome logo for 2022

Chrome recently launched its new logo after 8 years, so what will be next logo design for chrome?