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Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Hoi An – From Pottery Villages to Pagodas

Is Hoi one of the cities that you plan to visit during your time in Vietnam? If so, read up on some of the most popular tourist attractions that the city has on offer.


Visit a World Heritage Site

Called the Hoi An Ancient Town, this part of the city is one that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city once used to be a bustling trading port that played an integral role in the shipping routes of South East Asia and the world. What's it like? The atmosphere here is quite different from other parts of the city. Why? Thanks to its role as a busy shipping port, the local architecture, culture and customs were influenced by a mix of different cultures from different parts of the globe. As a result, some of the major influences you can still see today are those of the Chinese and Japanese – there are several pagoda-style buildings, a Japanese bridge and Chinese characters that are found on certain roofs.


Take a Trip Back in Time

To get a finer understanding of the intricacies of the town's past, head over to the Hoi An Museum that is located about a 3-minute drive away from Anantara Hoi An Resort, which is a Hoi An luxury resort. The Hoi An Museum of History and Culture. What kind of artefacts can you observe while you're at the museum? These include a variety of things including, but not limited to, old ceramics, sculptures, bells, and items related to the maritime trade. The museum is organised into different sections. One section focuses on showcasing items pertaining to the Vietnam War. Another section focuses on the role of the city in the shipping trade. The other two sections focus on weaving tales of Hoi An's development over time in the more modern years.


Visit the Quan Yin Pagoda

Situated on the same premises as the museum, the Quan Yin Pagoda is another popular site to visit in the city. It is a temple that is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, known as Guan Yin or Quan Yin. This goddess of mercy is a famous figure in the Mahayana form of Buddhism, which is the form practised in countries such as China and Japan. In Japan, the same Goddess of Mercy deity goes by other names such as Kannon or Kanzeon Bosatsu. This temple was constructed in the 17th century.


Spend Time at the Beaches

Hoi An is a popular tourist town in Vietnam, partly thanks to its many beautiful beaches. Check out ones such as An Bang and Cua Dai for a relaxing experience.


Explore a Pottery Village

Make an excursion to the Thanh Ha Pottery Village whose origins go as far back as the 15th century. While you're there, you can observe some centuries-old pottery works. You can also sign up for a pottery class if you would like to learn how to make some beautiful ceramic works yourself.