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Headline for Die App-Neu-Erscheinungen der Woche (18.7.)
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Die App-Neu-Erscheinungen der Woche (18.7.)

Die App-Neu-Erscheinungen der Woche (18.7.2013) für iPod Touch, iPhone und iPad.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded

AppStore-Link: - Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards was first released by Sierra On-Line in 1987 and be-came an international phenomenon. The lovable loser Larry Laffer -- a 40-year-old virgin in pursuit of losing his vir….um, finding true love -- and risqué humor were unlike anything anyone had ever seen or played.

Breach & Clear

AppStore-Link: - Breach & Clear bringt feinste taktische Strategie für mobile Geräte! Bau deine Spezialeinheit auf, plane und erledige komplizierte Missionen und nimm jeden Winkel in Besitz.

Official Call of Mini™ Infinity

AppStore-Link: - 35 years ago, humans discovered an inhabitable star known as Caron. They have started to gather a vast army of star warriors in preparation for an expedition to that planet outside the solar system. And you're the leader of this army! Take your army safely to the planet. When you land, build a base and set up defenses against incoming alien attacks. Then what's left is to conquer this planet completely!

Futuridium EP

AppStore-Link: - Get a trip back to the 80s' with the insanely fast, insanely difficult action of Futuridium EP, one of the hardest game on the App Store!

Futuridium EP is a retro fast paced shoot’em up with a modern twist, amazing 3D graphic and an adrenaline pumping 45 minutes original soundtrack.

Kamikaze Pigs

AppStore-Link: - This little piggy went to war!

Squeal, aim, and fire as you send these pork-bellied troops into a chaotic scramble. Simply tap to launch your attack and watch as these ham-handed pigs bring the war to its gristly end.

Nuclear Outrun (iOS/Android)

App-Store-Link: - Gamenauts presents the enhanced iOS/Android remake of Nerdook's 2012 Flash hit NUCLEAR OUTRUN! Through some unforeseen (yet totally avoidable) world crisis, a nuclear missile is crashing down to ruin everyone's party. Drive & shoot your way out of a zombie-infested city as far as you can, before everything goes kaboom!

PALIDIN : The Ghalidir Chronicles - iOS Edition - PAX East 2013 Trailer

AppStore-Link: - PALIDIN | The Ghalidir Chronicles: Part I - is a text adventure in the same vein as the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from yesteryear. However, this game comes with a twist. SYNOPSIS: The great knight Ghalidir is on his way back home to the great Kingdom of Carsanthia, after many seasons away at War.




Erlebe die 80er erneut mit diesem klassischen Shoot 'em-up der alten Schule! Eines der zehn beliebtesten Arkade-Spiele weckt Erinnerungen an lärmige Räume, Jolt Cola und eine Woche altes Popcorn. Starte Dein iPhone oder iPad und breite Dich auf die Rückkehr vor ... zu R-Type!

Sky Gamblers: Cold War

AppStore-Link: - Sky Gamblers: Cold War by Atypical Games THE NEXT GENERATION OF AIR COMBAT GAMING IS HERE! With an extensive single player campaign and a huge set of multiplayer modes, the non-stop action will keep you at the edge of your seat! Become the supreme lord of the skies in the latest Sky Gamblers title: Cold War!