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Amansad Direct Lending Group

Amansad Financial Services provides alternative Mortgage Options when banks say no.

Luxury Home Mortgage Financing Alternatives: 3 Things to Know

If you are looking for a home valued over $2 million, you are in a market with skyrocketing demand. Home prices continue to stay on the rise.

Mortgage Financing With Bad Credit | Amansad Financial

There's no reason to lose your house just because you've got poor credit. Get Pre-Qualified for Mortgage Financing With Poor Credit.

Private Financing Mortgages - Private Mortgage Financing Loans

One avenue that is becoming increasingly popular is funding private financing mortgages. See if you qualify for mortgage financing now.

Home Equity Articles - Equity Take Out, Second Mortgage

Looking to Take Out a Home Equity Loan or a 2nd Mortgage? Find out how you can Take Equity out of Your Home even with with Bad Credit


With a large number of people turning to the private loan market for financing, it is important that you have some knowledge before getting involved.

FAQ: Mortgage Renewal Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, & BC

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Renewals - Amansad Financial Services. Contact us today! Amansad Financial Services provide alternative Mortgage Options when banks say no. Private Mortgage Loans & Solutions are Available! Get Pre-Qualified Now.

How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit in Canada in 2020

Find out how to get a mortgage with bad credit in Canada. Private mortgage lenders for bad credit to help you secure the financing you need.

Private Mortgage Lending - Private Loans BC, Ontario, Manitoba, & Alberta

Looking for Private Mortgage Information? Check out our wealth of articles about various aspects of private lending.

How To Buy or Refinance Land - Raw, Vacant, or Commercial

Want to buy a piece of land and need a mortgage to finance it? Get in touch with Amansad Financial today!

How to Prevent Foreclosure - Amansad

See how you can stop foreclosure by contacting one of our specialists at 888-229-5550 or click here. Amansad Financial Mortgage

How To Obtain a Land Loan - Amansad

If you are looking to purchase land, this article will help take the mystery out of how to obtain a land loan. We'll walk through the steps

Using a Second or Third Mortgage to Pay for Home Improvements

If you are considering using a second or third mortgage to pay for home improvements, then read this guide from Amansad Financial.

Commercial Mortgage Loans BC: A Beginner's Guide - Amansad

Learn what commercial mortgage loans are, how to apply for one, and the role banks play in offering them. Amansad Financial

Reverse Mortgages: How They Work and Who Can Benefit | Amansad

Find out how reverse mortgages can help folks with fixed incomes stay in their homes. Learn more about who benefits from reverse mortgages

Interested in a reverse mortgage? Find out what you need to know about it, who can apply and what its benefits.

Assessing Your Needs During Mortgage Renewals - Renewal Mortgage

A property is always a very valuable asset. Let us help you find the best renewal mortgage for your needs!

How to Make a Private Mortgage Work - Amansad

A private mortgage works as long as you know the rules and how to work within those parameters. Here are some tips that can help you find success...

Second Mortgage Alberta – Simple Financing | Press Release 101

Canadians will soon have achieved all-time highs in unsecured debt. Furthermore, many consumers are struggling to meet their monthly obligations and are burdened by high-interest debt. As a result, more homeowners are looking for solutions to the pressures of living in a fast-paced world.

Want to learn more about equity take out mortgages? Read this blog post for all of the information you need!

If you are looking for information regarding land mortgage financing in Alberta, check out our website. We offer a wide range of services...

This article provides an overview of commercial mortgages, including what they are and how to get one. - Amansad Financial

Blanket Mortgage Financing Manitoba - What You Should KnowMeta Description: Learn about blanket mortgage financing in Manitoba.

We will introduce you the alternative mortgage and tell why it might be a good solution for your current situation.

Seller Financing Edmonton Canada: Getting to Know Seller Financing | Press Release 101

Seller finance suggests that the house’s seller is providing the financing. This means that the buyer is not required to obtain financial help from another lending institution to purchase the unit. Sellers typically offer this type of service because persuading eligible purchasers is extremely difficult in a buyer’s market.

A resource for Albertan's looking to find a mortgage broker that can help them refinance their home even if they have bad credit.