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Updated by Kamera Woodruff on Aug 15, 2021
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Technology Top Ten List!

If you think technology is just a distraction, allow for these 10 tech tools to change your mind and help with the following:

  • Encourage active participation in the classroom.
  • Modify lessons to fit students' needs.
  • Increase student collaboration.
  • Assist students in preparing for a digital future.
  • Form a better relationship with students and colleagues.
  • Students showcasing their individuality and creativity.





This multifaceted platform is where teachers and students can create and share multimedia presentation boards. It offers many add-ons that students could use in their presentation such as: text, animation, video, recording, lists, drawings, quizzes, QR codes, etc. These features can help with customizing a presentation, which makes each student's work unique. Students can learn valuable presentation, communication, and design skills.


Introducing this web-based infographic app which allows users to create infographics and visuals using a blank or themed template. This tool can be used for creating presentations, flyers, and posters. Combining charts, text, and built-in graphics, users can quickly construct and present information with its simple design. Discovering what's visually appealing to their audience will improve students' awareness of how other people learn and will help them with future presentation endeavors.




Padlet is an option that allows for multiple media types not seen in many collaboration websites. Customization options let students express themselves and take ownership of their projects. Students have opportunities to respond in ways that match their comfort level. The walls in Padlet allow teachers to oversee student learning and give feedback. Students who create and share walls can go more in-depth, show connections between concepts, and create fantastic multimedia presentations.

Little Bird Tales

Little Bird Tales delivers an opportunity for students to create digital storybooks. Students may use a drawing pad, upload images from a computer, add text, and record their own voices to create original slideshow stories. Teachers can have students to create stories, present research, make journal entries, and more. Lesson templates, tied to Common Core Standards, give teachers a head start to some creative ways to use this simple, but fun tool.

Book Creator

Book Creator’s ease of use and flexibility with media and publishing makes it perfect for empowering students to create and share their work. This tool gets students to use critical thinking and organization skills to brainstorm, plan, and make creative decisions about their books. Once they start to compose pages, students can learn how multimedia elements help them tell their stories or communicate information more effectively.

Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips lets teachers and students use Google Earth to explore the real-world locations of stories ranging from fiction to nonfiction. The Lit Trips makes it fun to study books and narratives; the combination of stories and geography is remarkable. Lit Trips concentrates on the landscape and cultural factors of stories in a way that students will grasp. Students can learn about the author, plot, characters, setting, and historical facts. Students and teachers can create their own Lit Trips too!


MindMeister can help students organize their ideas vividly, showcasing how each thought proceeds to the next. It's a powerful collaboration, time management, and presentation tool for students! Teachers can associate tasks, icons, due dates, team assignments, and email reminders with any connecting point. Other roles it has that benefit the classroom include comments and votes, calendar integration, videos, and task management.

Assemblr EDU

Assemblr EDU brings fun to the classroom through 3D and Augmented Reality! AR can be incorporated in games and quizzes. Assemblr EDU makes involving students in collaborative tasks, such as making their own projects out of what they have learned, a no brainer. By presenting subjects in 3D as if it’s right in the classroom, students will be able to better grasp abstract concepts. The visual learners in the classroom will greatly benefit from the use of this tool!


Edpuzzle is an easy way to provide video content to students while still measuring their comprehension. This can be done with questions that are inserted throughout the video, or at the end. Students can respond with a free-response, True or False, or multiple choice answers. It is also shows how much of the content students are engaged with in real time. Edpuzzle helps teachers customize video content for their classrooms by giving them an easy way to edit video clips, add voice-overs, and insert quizzes.




Move over PowerPoint! Knovio helps students turn PowerPoint presentations into high-quality video presentations. This tool makes it trouble-free and fast to transform basic slideshows into an amazing video presentation that can be shared with others with ease. From effortless transitions, background music and recording, the students' presentations will come alive and help them to attract and keep their audience focused.