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Headline for Ayurveda in Sri Lanka – Ayurvedic treatments for a renewed soul, body, and mind
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Ayurveda in Sri Lanka – Ayurvedic treatments for a renewed soul, body, and mind

Sri Lanka's practice of indigenous medicine goes back nearly three thousand years. Referred to by Sri Lankans as Hela vedakama, Ayurveda is about achieving a better and prolonged life.


The world of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a way of living without contradicting nature. It uses herbal medicine to heal and improve one's health. Despite the popularity of western medicine, there are over 20,000 Ayurveda practitioners in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda treatment in Sri Lanka is not only sought by locals but also by foreigners. Most tourist hotels, including Heritance Ayurveda, administer Ayurvedic spa treatments to their guests; in fact, these treatments are an essential part of wellness tourism.


Doctor consultation

Getting a private consultation with a doctor is the first sign of quality Ayurvedic treatments. In this traditional branch of treatments, everything can be medicine, but if wrongly administered, everything can be poison. Therefore, choosing a high-quality Ayurvedic treatment with the right consultant is important.


Identifying your dosha

Everything is decided and determined based on your dosha; the word translates to constitution. As per Ayurveda, there are three doshas or three types of constitutions: Kapha, Vata, Pitta. Every person has all three doshas with one dominant. Vata, meaning air, refers to movement, breath, and lightness. Pitta is fire, and it refers to digestion and heat. Kapha has the meaning "water", and it's characterised by cold, lubrication, and nutrition. All three doshas need to have a semblance of balance; if there's an excess of one dosha, it brings about lethargy, indigestion, and nervousness.



The three doshas of Ayurveda have other elements embedded in them. Vata brings Prana, which means lifeforce, pitta has Tejas, which translates to inner radiance, and Ojas is ultimate energy, and it is linked to Kapha.



The doctor's first task is to identify your dosha. The medicine and the treatment can only be prescribed based on your dosha. Ayurveda seeks to harmonize the three doshas by way of eating the right food, exercising, and meditation.


Ayurvedic massages

Sri Lanka has many hotels and spa centres that offer Ayurvedic treatments, and these treatments include Ayurvedic massages. Unlike the western method, Ayurvedic massages take time, and they cannot be rushed. Ayurveda follows a time-honoured protocol, which can be seen in the treatments. All the oils used are infused with herbs and essential oils. Ayurvedic massages cause your energy to flow through your body. Most hotels and spas incorporate the nature element by lodging the massage room in direct contact with nature. Ayurvedic massages soothe both your body and mind.


Traditional food

Everyone in Sri Lankan villages has a vegetable garden. These vegetables are pure, chemical-free and extremely nutritious. Your Ayurveda consultant will recommend a daily dose of these fresh vegetables and fruits. According to Ayurveda, drinking a glass of warm lemon water before every meal helps digestion. Having herbal tea in between meals is recommended too. Lunchtime is when you should have your main meal and the largest meal of the day and eating three hours before going to bed is not a good idea. People usually eat until they are full, but according to the rules of Ayurveda, you should only eat until you are satisfied.



Ayurveda does not only focus on your body; it also focuses on your mind. Meditation is a fundamental part of Ayurveda. Listening to healing music, practising yoga, and practising gratitude are all part of Sri Lankan traditional practice of medicine. Incorporating Ayurveda into your day can and will change your whole life; your mind will be calm, and your body will be healthy.