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Updated by RiskSave Technologies on Oct 12, 2021
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Compliance and Risk Management

Learn what compliance and risk management mean for a financial business and how compliance services can help the operational and business goals of a company.

Why You Need To Outsource Your Risk and Compliance Activities

With the growing regulatory complexity, compliance function requires more skills, experience, and knowledge than ever before. This article discusses why outsourcing compliance and risk management is important for a business.

A Guide to Mitigating Financial Crime Risk

There are plethora of threats to the financial services sector, and financial crime risk has burgeoned as a pervasive, yet widely comprehended category of risk. Learn more about how a business can address the risks of financial crime.

Compliance Software: How It Helps in Risk Management?

Compliance software can help a business streamline the risk management process through effective policies and regulations. Learn about the role of compliance software in risk management for a business.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Regtech in 2021

RegTech has been used by financial institutions to manage risk and compliance since the 1990s. This article explains the importance of Regtech for businesses and companies in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions About PRIIPs KID Regulation

The PRIIPs KID is a stand-alone document that is readily distinguishable from marketing materials and must not include any cross-references to such materials. This blog post discusses some FAQs about PRIIPs key information document.

Compliance Challenges in a Remote Workforce

With more and more offices switching to long-term or permanent work-from-home, understanding the subsequent compliance risks is important for businesses to address the issues and operate appropriately. Learn more.

Appointed Representative FCA: Roles and Responsibilities

Appointed representatives range in size from small start-ups to huge market participants. This article from RiskSave highlights the role of AR for a business. Learn more.

Top 3 Compliance Concerns for UK Businesses in 2021

Businesses must comply with an ever-increasing number of data protection, privacy, and industry-specific rules and regulations. Learn about the common compliance concerns that business face in 2021.

Common Questions About PRIIPS KID Regulation

The PRIIPs regulation is mandatory for businesses and organisations in the Finance industry. Learn about the PRIIPs Key Information Document with these FAQs answered by experts.