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Home Improvement

Here are some tips for building custom homes and extending, improving homes.

First Floor & Second Storey Additions - BIC Construction

Never move out of your home for addition and extension builds. Reach BIC Construction for your first-floor or second-storey additions in Sydney. Call us today.

How to add a second storey to your house | Lifehack

The Step by Step Guide to Your Second-Storey Addition.

Do I need an architect to design my house? | BUILD

Professional architect working with draft Constructing your home as per your needs and likings is not something new to wish for. Involving an architect while you build may be or may not be your choice...

8 Things you need to know before building a custom home

Building our dream home becomes a priority at a certain stage in our lives. So, giving our loved ones the space to cherish and live a comfortable life...

Budget Home Renovation Tips - Auzzie Business

In this ever-changing world, upgrading our living space helps us live according to the needs of the day. Initially, the idea to renovate your home may look like a never-ending process. With the renovation requirements added every day to the list, the cost may also exceed what you planned.

Open vs Closed Floor Plans: Considerations - Blog In Youth

Do you find it difficult to choose between an open and closed floor plan for your new home? Here is some chosen information to decide which floor plan will suit your home.

5 Misconception About Building Custom Homes | DailySandesh

Getting ready with your custom design for your home may bring in many questions. Here are some tips to resolve misconceptions about building custom homes.

Is it better to renovate or sell your home? - Blog HubBlog Hub

Every day our lives grow into something better. We have our own space to live comfortably. As time goes on, we feel renovating the place will make our life more comfortable. Sometimes, we want to move from the place where we have been living long, and choose a new place to have a change. If you want your property to fetch more rental income, you can choose to do the renovation with the modern facilities.

What makes a good Architect? - BIC Construction

We’ve all seen architecture that is considered, smart and beautiful but we’ve also seen poorly designed homes that have problems with their functionality and lack aesthetic charm.

The two words are often interrelated in the building and construction trade; however, it basically comes done to renewing or restoring

6 Ways To Save Money When Renovating a Kitchen - Tasteful Space

Some people decide to renovate to upgrade their kitchen with the latest appliances. We can list reasons for renovating a kitchen.

Home Renovations: Should I Hire an Architect? | All Perfect Stories

If you know how your home renovations want to be or have a plan of your own, you can draw plans that will satisfy the regional building standards.