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Headline for Strategic Learning & Development
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Strategic Learning & Development

An extensive collection of research, guides and templates for L&D professionals.


How to Optimise the Benefits of Training Automation in Your Workplace | Acorn LMS

Automated training helps organisations run more efficiently and provides employees with a system to develop skills and recognise achievements. Automated training also helps attract, train and retain engaged employees.

Your Ultimate Guide to Managing, Engaging and Empowering a Multigenerational Workforce | Acorn LMS

A multigenerational workforce describes a workplace comprised of different generations. With a multigen workforce comes differing approaches and priorities. With the right strategy, these challenges can be turned into opportunities.

Is a Tailored Training Program Really That Effective In The Workforce? | Acorn LMS

Skills gaps emerge when organisations struggle to hire and maintain employees with the right skills. Tailored training allows these organisations to build a training initiative that addresses knowledge gaps and creates a personalised and flexible learning experience for each employee.

Your Guide to the Essential LMS Reporting and Analytics Tools Every Organisation Needs | Acorn LMS

To get the best eLearning content, you need to understand how users respond to it. LMS reporting and analytic tools help shape this content by consistently pulling data that helps organisations understand why or why not training is engaging.

Why Is the User Experience So Important When Implementing a Learning Management System? | Acorn LMS

The success of an eLearning initiative can quite literally hinge on the LMS user experience (UX). A good UX makes an LMS effective, easy-to-use and enjoyable to engage with.

Your Ultimate Guide to Optimising Training and Development in the Workplace | Acorn LMS

Training and development refers strictly to the educational activities within an organisation designed to enhance knowledge and skills, while providing information on how to perform tasks better. It’s a sure-fire way to strengthen an organisation and has many different applications.

Your Complete Guide to All The Learning & Development Strategies Your Business Could Ever Need | Acorn LMS

L&D involves the acquiring of knowledge to better perform existing or new skills in the workplace. Typically under the arm of human resources, each organisation needs a solid L&D strategy that builds on an end goal by using a variety of best fitting approaches.

The 4 Foolproof Steps to Improving Learning and Development In Your Workplace | Acorn LMS

Learning and development is a systematic process that improves an individual’s skills, knowledge and competency. To see tangible results, you need a clearly defined L&D strategy, one that aims to develop a culture of continuous learning.

How to Leverage Internal Subject Matter Experts to Optimise Learning & Development | Acorn LMS

A subject matter expert is an authority on a particular area, technology, process, field or subject. Their knowledge makes them uniquely qualified to provide guidance and strategy. Consider seeking internal experts for the best optimisation, relevance, cost and time management.

How to Encourage Effective and Successful On-the-Job Training | Acorn LMS

On-the-job training is a hands-on method for teaching the skills and knowledge needed for a specific role. It can take many forms and has a range of benefits for both employers and employees.

What is Mobile Learning and Why Is It Important in Employee Training? | Acorn LMS

Mobile learning is essentially a form of both distance learning and online learning. It’s more than just learning on mobile phones, it’s about learning on any portable device wherever and whenever a learner wants. It brings with it many benefits, but also many challenges that need addressing.

How To Efficiently Track Learning in Your Workplace to Track Organisational Success | Acorn LMS

Learning results are best understood by tracking, reviewing and adjusting training programs. Work out the best process for your organisation by determining the what, why and how. For true success, ensure you make changes that address skills and knowledge gaps.

How to Develop, Track and Maintain Learning Consistency in the Workplace | Acorn LMS

Learning consistency means business consistency. Here’s what you can do to boost your employees’ consistency in the workplace.

Your Ultimate Guide to Applying Skills in the Workplace (and Making Them Stick) | Acorn LMS

Applying learned skills (both hard and soft) correctly in the workplace is nothing short of a tricky task. Once you know the skills your organisation needs, consider how employees learn best. 90% learn on the job, which makes experiential learning very attractive.

The Fool-Proof Guide to Proving and Measuring Employee Training ROI | Acorn LMS

To be sure that training and development is boosting your bottom line, you need to calculate its return on investment (ROI). This can be a finnicky process but entirely achievable with the right steps.

How Can a Microsoft Teams Integration Benefit Your Learning Management System?

An LMS houses your learning data and Microsoft Teams is basically a communication hub. But merge the two together with an integration and you get a convenient tool that seamlessly blends learning with the daily flow of work.

Boost Your Digital Literacy with a Go1-LMS Integration | Acorn LMS

Skills that matter today won’t necessarily matter in 10 years time, especially digital ones. That’s why it’s important to maintain relevant and up-to-date knowledge. This is best achieved via a digital literacy learning pathway populated by an extensive content hub.

The 6 Benefits of Adaptive Learning with a Go1–LMS Integration

Adaptive learning uses AI to help craft a custom learning experience tailored to an individual’s knowledge, capabilities and skills gaps. Adaptive learning needs access to an extensive content catalogue to perform its best.

Talent Management vs Performance Management: Which One Helps Your Organisation Stay Agile? | Acorn LMS

Talent management and performance management serve two very different purposes. The former is about recruiting, retaining and rewarding employees, while the latter is a more niche examination of employee performance using metrics and feedback.

Microsoft Teams & Your LMS: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

The best way to get employees onboarded and engaged with your learning initiatives is by placing them in the heart of your employee’s work lives. How so? By integrating Microsoft Teams with your LMS.

Why You Should Use a Leadership Capability Framework When Developing Leaders

A leadership capability framework outlines the capabilities required in leaders to achieve key business objectives. It creates a common language around what ‘good’ and effective leadership looks like in an organisation and takes the guesswork out of evaluating talent.

How to Develop a Learning and Development Strategy for Impactful Employee Training

Only 40% of companies say their learning strategy is aligned with business goals. Being out of sync with business needs means learning is unable to be truly effective.

The 5 Core Capabilities You Need in a Truly Impactful Leadership Capability Model

Assessing both leadership capability and potential helps organisations understand the skills gaps that need to be bridged to develop individual contributors into leaders.

What is a Workforce Capability Framework and Why is It Important?

A capability framework outlines the skills, behaviours and knowledge required for an organisation’s personnel to achieve business goals. By defining these at all levels in your company, you create a universal language that’s accessible for everyone.

How to Develop a Capability Building Framework for Sustainable Business Success

All good business planning should come with a strategy, not just new business practices. A capability building framework is a scalable plan for how an organisation can identify, develop and nurture the capabilities critical to business success.