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Top 6 Advantages of Social Networks


Mass Adoption

Mass Adoption
Proxy for Identity

The success of social network adoption has led to all these sites being considered a proxy for identity. Many social apps only offer the option to login via one of the big 4 social networks.

This is significant when you consider the marketing value and preferences expressed by these users.

The preference graph is still emerging, but there is little doubt it will be built on top of the social graph.


People Catalog

People Catalog

Due to the mass adoptions of these networks, it's now possible to research a company via the catalog of people you can find via a social network.

When you search for a person it's very likely these first things you will find will be their social network profiles.

Today, due to social networks people are infinitely more visible and findable


Content Agnostic

Content Agnostic

The social networks are simply that - a place for people to connect and converse. They are a form of non-owned media. As such they are content agnostic.


Sharing Platform

Sharing Platform

Social networks are driven by the sharing of content. Sharing is the whole basis of the content streams, which keeps people coming back for more.

Sharing includes a mixture of personal updates and business updates.


Social Metrics

Social Metrics

Social networks provide a constant stream of metrics for both the casual consumer and participant as well as for big brands.

Number of friends, likes and shares are all metrics that are visible to everyone. Social metric are an addiction for many.

We all like to be liked and shared. It's somehow a reflection of our self-worth