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5 Surprising Facts About Asia – Things you probably didn’t expect in Asia

Asia is one of the most amazing continents on the planet with diverse cultures, fantastic nature and extraordinary minds. Some of the most popular cities in Asia are famous the world over for their iconic attractions as well. Here are some inspiring facts about Asia that you probably didn't know.


Star Wars-inspired buildings

Have you ever heard of the Sandcrawler? If you are a fan of Star Wars, you probably know that this is the Sandcrawler went in search of droids for scrap. Well, you will find something very similar in the city of Singapore and it is absolutely amazing with its shiny exterior and unusual shape, The building is now the office of Lucasfilm Ltd, it also happens to be the home of novel animation offices and ILM Singapore. If you do happen to travel to Singapore, now that you know about the building, you will be able to easily spot it at Fusionopolis that is just an 8-minute drive away from Park Hotel Alexandra.


Kyoto and its temples

If you really do have a fascination with Buddhist temples, well you should certainly visit Kyoto in Japan where you have endless temples to visit. Yes, this ancient city is famous for its culture of 1600 temples. This used to be the imperial capital of Japan in the early ages and is a stunning place to explore indeed! It is also home to one of Japan's oldest temples that goes by the name of Kennin-Ji temple, which is the final resting place of Eisai, - the monk who is said to have introduced Zen Buddhism to the country. The temple is believed to have been built in 1202 CE and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hotels like Park Hotel Kyoto is situated ideally in the heart of Kyoto, which is a big plus if you are planning for Kyoto to be your next vacation spot.


A fragrant harbour

So, you must be wondering which country this nickname belongs to? It's none other than Hong Kong of course! But, if you've been to Hong Kong yourself, you'll know that it seems nothing like its affectionate name today. With its hotels in Asia Pacific such as those by Park Hotel Group, skyscraper office buildings and bustling roads with so many vehicles and people, Hong Kong hardly seems as fragrant as it used to be before its colonial transition. Nonetheless, this is an amazing place to visit with many shopping malls, beautiful little cafes and high-end restaurants to keep you entertained.


Production of 45 billion chopsticks each year

What on earth? But yes, China does have quite a large population, still, the number of chopsticks produced each year is kind of mind-blowing! The fact that this is still not enough is even more bizarre. China has now begun importing chopsticks from producers in the US to meet the demand. If you ever plan on visiting a country where they use chopsticks, remember to look through the rules of dining with chopsticks to make sure you don't offend any local dinners. For instance, tapping your bowl with your chopsticks and pointing at someone with your chopsticks is absolutely rude.


12 days of Valentines

If you love Valentines Day, then you'll love spending each month in South Korea because it's not just the 14th of February that is celebrated as lover's day. The 14th of each month is for love. In February, the ladies gift their special someone with chocolates, in March, the men reciprocate this sentiment. If you don't receive any gifts, you can get together with your single buddies and whine about it on the 14th of April, the day for singles!

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