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Updated by Joanna James on Jul 27, 2021
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5 Things Not to Do on Your Dubai Vacay – It is always better safe than sorry!

Dubai is without doubt one of the travel hotspots in the world. From simply the amount of footfall the nation has as a major transit point for global air travel, the city has a variety of things to offer visitors. However, it is always advised to know how to stay without upsetting the rules.


Stay away from the left hand

While Dubai is at the epitome of development there is still strong respect for the dictations of their longstanding culture. One such example arises in the tendency for people to go about their lives without using their left hands when doing certain activities. This applies to when you have to eat, greet anyone, open doors or even when handing something to someone.
If you are staying at one of the Palm Jumeirah hotels such as the Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort you would definitely use your right hand when shaking hands with a manager or communicating with people in general in order to avoid getting stares from the local residents.


Avoid the PDA

One of the things to steer clear of during your time in Dubai is PDA. This covers everything from holding hands to kissing and can warrant serious jail time on top of being socially unacceptable. Something else to keep in mind is that it would also be sound advice to stay away from playing loud music or dancing in public.
It is fair to say this if there is anything you should keep in mind is, and getting caught for this offence is likely to make your trip somewhat unpleasant.


Dressing inappropriately

This goes very much along the same vein as the above point. When in Dubai, it is recommended to wear as conservative attire as possible in order to adhere to the local cultural norms.
This means that both genders must show very little. Therefore, when packing for this trip be sure to pack a lot of loose-fitting clothing and anything that will not attract unwanted attention.


Watch your mouth

While that sounds aggressive, it should be understood that there is a very high level of courtesy that is commonplace during the day to day in Dubai. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that there be no slang or cuss words spoken in public. It is also a crime to speak poorly or insultingly of Islam or Muslims.


Be careful with photographs

Given the stunning vistas and huge scale of Dubai, it is very tempting to just run around taking as many photographs as you can. However, it will be extremely important to keep in mind that many people place modesty and safety above all else and therefore dislike having photos taken of them, without consent.
Taking the effort to make sure that no one is in your shot prior to taking the picture can go a long way but many people simply suggest that you should commit the sights to memory or simply just spend time observing it while you can.