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7 Fun Activities to Do in Fraser Coast - Things not to miss out on!

From meandering through beautiful bushland, wading in crystal-clear waterways, to receiving a history lesson, and seeing native animals, this list covers the greatest things to do when visiting the Fraser Coast!


Being awestruck by the beauty of the Esplanade

The 14-kilometre Hervey Bay Esplanade is ideal for a pleasant day while taking in the stunning Queensland surroundings. This verdant walkway, which runs from Urangan to the Gatakers Bay, is lined with trees, sparkling waters, and plenty of stops along the way to relax, including piers, lush green parks, picnic spaces, and playgrounds. The gorgeous surroundings and unmatched Queensland sunshine will revive you whether you walk or ride. Besides, to enjoy the Fraser Coast to the fullest, make sure that you book accommodation in an Alexandra headlands hotel the likes of Oaks Seaforth Resort.


Cooling off at the Wetside Water Park

When the youngsters see the Wetside Water Park while walking down the esplanade, they'll be pulling and tugging your arm urging you to go in that direction. Water slides, a board rider, a water play area, and a fountains light display (starting at 19:00) are all part of this 'infotainment' attraction, which also includes some vital information about water management to get young minds ticking. Note that admission to the water park is free of charge, but the rides here are not.


Throwing a line to catch some fish

At the iconic Urangan Pier, try your hand at catching whiting, Hervey Bay's most valued fish. This pier, which stretches approximately one kilometre into the water and is positioned at the east end of this esplanade, is one of Australia's longest. Stingrays and dolphins can often be seen swimming just metres away at the end of this pier. So, even if you're not looking forward to fishing, just head here for these experiences!


Going underwater

Reefworld Aquarium is among the very few natural aquariums in the world and is about 1.5 kilometres away. You can marvel at the magnificent underwater world, encountering green sea turtles, colourful tropical fish, tubeworms, sharks, crabs, and so much more.


Visiting the Arkarra Lagoon

Arkarra is an Indigenous name that means "place of many ducks," so you must expect to see a lot of these wonderful semi-aquatic critters scurrying around in the waters. There are around 170 species of birds, echidnas, goannas, wallabies, eels, turtles and fish here at the Arkarra Lagoon, in addition to ducks. For a peaceful nature experience, wander along any of the marked trails. You will absolutely love it!


Whale watching

Hervey Bay is the place to go if you have ever yearned to watch whales close up. You may see these massive sea animals migrate through the warm, calm seas between the months of July and October every year. A guided trip on the waters is the way to ensure a close encounter!


Experiencing country life

You might easily spend your entire vacation at the gorgeous estates in the countryside. You can spend some quiet time out here enjoying nature to the fullest. You can enjoy activities like horseback riding, tube riding, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and skiing.