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Data Solutions Company - Sigmoid

Sigmoid is a leading data solutions company that builds, operates and manages the largest data platforms in the world. Contact us to know more.

Data Engineering Consulting | ETL, Cloud, MLOps & DataOps - Sigmoid

Sigmoid offers complete data engineering consulting & management solutions for petabyte-scale data processing with open source, cloud & industry best practices.

ELT & Data Warehouse Services | Data Processing - Sigmoid

Sigmoid builds faster and scalable ETL pipelines and provides data warehousing solutions with intelligent data storage and processing techniques.

Machine Learning Operationalization (MLOps) - Sigmoid

Deploy machine learning models with Sigmoid's MLOps solutions and develop production scale systems with automated workflows.

Cloud Data Warehouse Services | Cloud Migration - Sigmoid

Cloud data warehouse services by Sigmoid provides one-stop, secure, and hassle-free solutions that improve business agility at lower costs.

Data Science Consulting | ML & AI Services - Sigmoid

Sigmoid tenders matchless data science consulting & solutions to help businesses apply a data-first approach to derive meaningful insights and improve the overall performance.

Data Solutions Company | Real-Time Data Analytics - Sigmoid

Sigmoid is a data solutions company that builds, operates & manages huge data platforms with real-time data analytics, ML, AI, Open Source & Cloud technologies.


Marketing Analytics Solutions & Services - Sigmoid

Sigmoid’s powerful marketing analytics solutions offer business leaders with actionable insights to recalibrate marketing efforts, bring hyper-personalization and optimize the ROI on their marketing spend.


Customer Analytics Solutions - Sigmoid

Sigmoid’s customer analytics solutions provide you with detailed insights to carry deep data-driven segmentation and improve customer engagement.


Supply Chain Analytics - Sigmoid

Sigmoid’s supply chain analytics allows planning teams to navigate blind spots and accurately predict the demand in advance at different time intervals by accounting for the various influences that directly impact product demand.


DataOps Services | Automation, HA & Support - Sigmoid

With Sigmoid’s DataOps services, organize your data efficiently by creating a DataOps pipeline and keep it business-ready throughout the entire data lifecycle.


Data Analytics For Retail | Big Data Analytics In Retail - Sigmoid

Data analytics for the retail industry is gaining momentum to stay abreast of the latest shopping trends by unearthing, interpreting and taking actions on meaningful data insights.


Marketing Mix Modelling - Sigmoid

Sigmoid’s MMM solutions empower modern marketers with insights on which channels and campaigns are high performing and revenue-impacting, so as to re-align strategies and deliver maximum business value.


Multi Touch Attribution Model - Sigmoid

Sigmoid’s Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) accelerator is a great solution for marketers looking to measure and improve marketing tactics at a granular level.


Predictive Analytics For Insurance - Sigmoid

Predictive analytics and predictive modelling in insurance enable decision-makers with the right insights to make informed and accurate business decisions.

Marketing Measurement Plan | Optimization Strategy - Sigmoid

Sigmoid's data-driven marketing measurement plan drives effective implementation of optimization strategy resulting in improved conversions