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5 List of Vietnamese Food You Must Try in Vietnam - Top 5 Local Dishes to Sample on a Vietnamese Holiday

Home to one of the world's most popular Asian culinary schools, a trip to Vietnam is an open invitation to dip into its local treats and sample traditional meals. Here are 5 signature dishes every visitor must sample during a vacation in Vietnam.


Bánh Canh

Often referred to as Vietnam's favourite noodle dish, a bowl of Bánh Canh can be a wholesome meal any time of the day. The noodle used for Bánh Canh is decidedly thick and resembles spaghetti in consistency and it is usually made using tapioca flour or rice flour. Served in an aromatic broth made up of spices, the main highlight of this dish are the fried doughnut sticks that are served as a side dish that's meant for dipping in the soup. Vietnamese restaurants that serve up this staple make sure the table is also well-stocked with a range of pickles that are traditional accompaniments to most noodle dishes.



Whether one's dining at one of the best restaurants in Vietnam such as those contained within the Avani Quy Nhon Resort or any similar luxury hotel or a street-side kiosk, the chances of coming across a variation of Pho is inevitable. As one of the most popular Vietnamese dishes on the planet, no visitor should pass up the chance to dig into this hearty rice noodle dish in the country that invented it. The flat noodle dish features a bone broth that's topped off with plenty of herbs and green onions and served in both beef and chicken variations.


Bánh Bèo

When it comes to snacks that are consumed across Vietnam in large quantities, none seem quite as well-loved as the Bánh Bèo rice flour cakes. Arrayed on a large tray that also provides around ten side dishes and a helping of fish sauce, Bánh Bèo rice flour cakes are dipped and enjoyed during tea time and even as a pre-meal appetiser. Having originated in the Hue Imperial City, this centuries old-dish usually feature a crispy topping made up of pork crackling or dried shrimp. The correct way to consume Bánh Bèo cakes is to drizzle the items with the various sauces and to pop one into the mouth whole although tourists may find that this method requires practice.


White Rose Dumplings

Dumplings are ubiquitous across Asia, but Vietnam's white rose dumplings are unique as they are a local speciality in beach haven Hoi An. The white-hued dim sum typically features a pork or prawn filling and is steamed with toppings of fresh chilli and onions. Served with fish sauce, this delicate but flavourful dumpling is one of the best reasons to travel to Hoi An. The perfect venue to wine and dine on white rose dumplings in Vietnam is the Central Market in Hoi An.


Banh Mi

Believed to have been inspired by French baguettes, Bánh Mi is Vietnam's sandwich supreme and is sold in most bakeries and food carts across the country. Featuring a plethora of meat and seafood infused fillings, some of the well-loved toppings for Bánh Mi include eggs and barbeque pork.