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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 07, 2023
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List of 8 things you probably didn’t know about the Maldives – What makes the Maldives unique

The Maldives is a small but extremely unique country and there are so many different things that make this country special. Here are some that are not known to most people who travel to this destination.


Number of Islands

Even though most people know that the Maldives is made of different islands something that is not common knowledge is the fact that the Maldives is made with about 1200 different islands in different shapes and sizes. While Male is the capital city of the country it is also located on an individual island with its own man-made beach.


Where people live

From the 1200 islands in the Maldives a mere 200 islands are known to be inhabited and most of them have individual hotels and resorts such as Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. The different islands have encouraged entrepreneurs to open different hotels and resorts on different islands.


Flattest Country

As beautiful as the country is it is also the flattest country in the entire world making it possible for it to be completely covered in a matter of 20 to 30 years. Global warming, sea levels rising and pollution are a few of the causes that would bring this upon the Maldives.


No Alcohol

Most Maldives island resorts will allow you to order alcohol but what you must remember is that you are not allowed to bring any liquor into the country. If you do happen to carry alcohol when you are arriving in the country, these will definitely be confiscated by the authorities at the airport.


Swim with the biggest fish in the sea

It comes as no surprise that you will be able to enjoy a variety of different water sports when you are in the Maldives. While some of the activities are better suited for those who love the adrenaline rush, some activities such as diving and snorkelling are perfect for those who love exploring the marine world at a slower pace!


Cabinet meetings underwater

In the year 2009 the president of the country at that time, Mohammed Nasheed decided to host a cabinet meeting underwater which was the first of its kind. Apart from the president, 11 more people were present to sign a document to create awareness about reducing carbon emissions.


Modesty is required

The Maldives is an Islamic country and even though it is a tropical holiday destination when people are in public places such as in Male, travellers are expected to dress modestly. Men are expected to wear T-shirts that cover their shoulders and shorts that reach up to the knee and women are expected to wear clothing with sleeves and bottoms that are past their knee.


Glow in the dark beach

Vadhoo Island in the Maldives has a unique attraction that makes it stand out from the rest of the little islands scattered around it. The bioluminescent present in the beach in millions is what makes the beach glow at night.