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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for If You Think Johor Bahru is Boring, here are 5 Fun Things You Can Do – There’s Excitement All Around!
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If You Think Johor Bahru is Boring, here are 5 Fun Things You Can Do – There’s Excitement All Around!

Johor Bahru might not be a place you immediately think of when looking for an exciting vacation destination, but don't dismiss it so quickly – there's plenty of excitement to be had here! Here's a look at some of them.


Visit Little Paris

If you've always dreamed of going to Paris but never had the time to do so, you might want to visit Little Paris and get a taste of what it's all about. The Parisian charm is perfectly captured here with quaint little shops, warm street lights, and all sorts of little decors. If you're in the mood to do a bit of shopping, this is a great place to visit as there a number of high-fashion stores to browse through here. Of course, a trip to Paris wouldn't be complete without visiting a few cafes and there's plenty to choose from here as well. Little Paris has a lot of character and you might want to capture some of the sights here to light up your Instagram feed!


Admiring the Jewels

If you're staying at one of the prominent villas situated in the Desaru Coast – for instance, the Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas – you should definitely visit the nearby Istana Bukit Serene. This is a stunning palace complex that lights up the night with its bright lights and amazing architecture. The highlights here are the 'Palace Jewels' – it's a crown-like structure that adorns the centre of the palace grounds. It was built to resemble the actual crown of Johor and has real gems and jewels embedded in it! Simply put, this is one of the very best Desaru attractions out there.


Enjoy Some Breakfast

One of the best ways to have fun in Johor is to go on a culinary adventure, tasting all the delectable treats the region has to offer. There's no better way to get started with all this than to grab yourself some delicious breakfast at one of the restaurants in town. A classic Desaru breakfast will include kaya toast that's slathered in butter, boiled eggs, and the unique roti bakar. You can wash it all down with some kopi – it's a warm cup of coffee with a bit of twist.


The Sights of Old Town

If you're in the mood to do some sightseeing, you'll definitely want to visit Oldtown. This is a place that has changed little in the past decades and as such, it has its own inimitable charm. Think charming little adobes painted in washed-out colours and delightful street vendors that offer all kinds of tasty snacks. The Red House is a must-visit if you're here – it's a hub for various art festivals and exhibitions.


A Century-Old Bakery

Round out your time in Johor by visiting a local bakery and treating yourself to the best local treats on offer. While there are plenty of establishments to choose from, you can't really top the Hiap Joo Bakery – it's one of the oldest bakeries in the entirety of Malaysia! Here you can treat yourself to delicious cookies and savoury delights – the banana cake served here is a local favourite!