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Top Delicious Dishes in Yangon - What you should be trying!

Myanmar is becoming a popular destination for foodies looking to sample a variety of delectable dishes. Foodies should start planning a vacation to Myanmar as soon as possible. This guide will help those seeking to learn more about the local cuisine here.


Tea leaf salad

Salad's importance cannot be overstated. These are among the healthiest and most nutritious foods available. Myanmar's tea leaf salad is unique in that it combines salad leaves with other ingredients such as cabbage, peas, tomatoes, and other vegetables. This recipe can be prepared as an appetizer or as a main course with some rice on the side.


Shan-style rice

This popular dish, often known as fish rice, is yet another popular meal that has captured many people's hearts. It's a dish made with turmeric, garlic oil and fish flakes and is cooked to perfection. This recipe includes deep-fried pork, roasted garlic, and leak roots, making it a delectable snack! This popular delicacy is available in a variety of Yangon restaurants. A hotel in Yangon the likes of PARKROYAL Yangon is a good choice if you want a buffet-style restaurant.



When soldiering Asian cuisine, you won't be totally satisfied unless you try a delectable curry. Curries go well with a variety of meats, including, beef, fish, poultry, and mutton. A bowl of aromatic rice, stir-fried veggie dishes, salad with herbs are usually included in the meals. This is among the healthiest dishes available in Myanmar.


Tea Shop Meals

It is imperative that you visit the local teashops in Yangon. These are good spots for sampling steamy cups of Burmese milk tea offered with a variety of authentic Burmese foods. There are numerous baked delicacies, dim sums, and steamed buns with meat fillings to choose from. You can also taste a variety of savoury snacks, most of which are deep-fried and also served with mouthwatering potato curries.


Sweet snacks

Southeast Asian delicacies that are high in sugar may be familiar to you. Myanmar's sweets are a little different. Ingredients like coconut milk, tapioca, tropical fruit, rice flour, sticky rice, and grated coconut are generally used to create delectable sweet flavours. All of these fresh ingredients combine to create excellent tastes that aren't overly sweet.


Deep-fried snacks

Myanmar is a well-known country that sells a variety of fried foods. The majority of these could be found in street stores or food vendors. Samosas, savoury fritters, spring rolls, desserts, and other fried foods are among the most popular. Some of the dishes are frequently accompanied by a hot cup of tea. While savouring these delectable beverages and nibbling on these amazing deep-fried food items, you can strike up a chat with the locals. Wouldn't that be one memorable experience?


Shan-style "Tofu" Noodles

This recipe contains no tofu, despite its name. The dish, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind creation prepared from chickpea flour. It appears to be large, sticky, and yellowish in appearance. With marinated chicken or pork, this is served over thin noodles. It's then topped with pickled vegetables, garlic, and chilli oil. This recipe is designed specifically for those who enjoy savoury flavours.

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