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Latest Technology Trends for 2021

Learn and explore latest technologies

Dictionaries in Python - Python Geeks

Learn about Python dictionaries, their properties, accessing & modifying the values, methods, functions, and operations with examples.

Python Tuples - Python Geeks

Learn about Python tuples, accessing elements of tuples, their immutability property, etc. See functions and methods on tuples in Python.

Variables in Python | Datatypes in Python - Python Geeks

Learn about Python variables and the rules for naming them. See different data types in Python & their conversion from one type to another.

Create Air Canvas using Python Open CV - TechVidvan

Have you ever imagined what if we can paint on air just by waving our hands? Build an air canvas using OpenCV and Python.

Real-time Hand Gesture Recognition using TensorFlow & OpenCV - TechVidvan

Gesture recognition is active research field in Human-Computer Interaction technology.Build Hand Gesture Recognition Project in Python OpenCV

List Comprehensions in Python - Python Geeks

Learn about Python List comprehensions & their properties using conditionals with examples. See List comprehension vs lambda function.

Python Lists with Examples - Python Geeks

Learn about Python lists, their properties, built-in functions & methods to modify & access the list elements. See Python list comprehensions

Real-Time Face Detection & Recognition using OpenCV - TechVidvan

Build a face detection and recognition system using python OpenCV face_recognition library to perform the different tasks.

Tree Data Structure - DataFlair

Tree is non-linear data structure that is very efficient while dealing with large data. See different types of trees & their applications

Binary Search Tree Data Structure - DataFlair

Binary Search Tree is a fast and efficient algorithm with many real-world applications and advantages. Learn its working and implementation.

Binary Tree Data Structure - DataFlair

Binary tree is one of the types of tree data structure. It is one of the widely used abstract data structures. Learn more about it.

Features of C Programming Language - TechVidvan

Learn about the features that C Language offers which make it unique and useful. Learn about the popularity of the C programming language.

Pointers in C with Examples - TechVidvan

Learn about pointers in C. Learn Address in C, Pointer to Pointer, Array to pointer, Passing pointer to a function & Applications of pointer.

Structures in C with Examples - TechVidvan

Learn about Structures in C. It is a user defined data type like arrays. You can create a collection of all related information with its help

Sets in Python - Python Geeks

Learn about sets in python with creation, accessing and modifying the sets. See methods, functions, and operations on sets & frozen sets.

Python Expense Tracker Project with Source Code - DataFlair

Build Python Expense Tracker - Inflow Outflow record of money can be easily kept with the help of expense tracker.

Booleans in Python - Python Geeks

Learn about Python booleans, their declaration, boolean values of data types using bool() function & operations that give boolean values.

Python Image Steganography Project - TechVidvan

Image Steganography is hiding information within images. Develop Python Image Steganography project with Tkinter & Stegano modules.

Python Extract Song Lyrics Project - Project Gurukul

Create a simple Extract Song Lyrics project using Python modules like tkinter, google api client, beautifulsoup and requests.

Python Program Rock Paper Scissors Game - Project Gurukul

Create Rock Paper and Scissor game using Python and its libraries like Tkinter for GUI and Random library to generate random number.

Face Detection & Counting using OpenCV - Python - Project Gurukul

Implement the face detection and counting Project using OpenCV & MediaPipe framework in python. Easy steps are given for fast implementation.

Create a Random Password Generator using Python - Project Gurukul

Learn the steps to develop random password generator project in Python using three modules: tkinter, string, and random

Difference between Tuple and List in Python | Tuples vs Lists - Python Geeks

Learn what are lists and tuples in Python. Understand the difference between List and Tuple in Python and their similarities.

Create a Web Browser in Python with PyQT - DataFlair

Learn How to create a Web Browser using Python and PyQt5 module. we can use this simple web browser to visit different websites

Create File Explorer in Python using Tkinter - DataFlair

Create File Explorer project using the Tkinter, OS, & shutil modules of Python. File Manager manages files on your computer.