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Advantages of Slideshares as a Content Network (Research)

The Value and Use of SlideShare: 9 Benefits, 8 Tips

When you think about social media, SlideShare may not be the first platform that comes to mind. In fact, we're sure it isn't. But still waters run deep, they say, and the numerous benefits of being active on SlideShare present your company with a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd. - Advantages and Disadvantages

Several reviewers have commented on the many advantages, and a few disadvantages, of's Web 2.0 technology. In his essay "Beyond PowerPoint: A Whole New World of Presentation," attorney Lee Rosen notes a number of advantages that online presentation technology, including, may have over the traditional hard drive, flash drive, or DVD approaches.

Using SlideShare to Share Presentations

This article provides an overview of a web service for uploading, embedding and sharing presentations called SlideShare. After a description of the features available we will look at its uses for teaching and learning.

6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Use Slideshare

Did you hear the big news? It was announced last week that LinkedIn plans to buy SlideShare for a reported $118.8 million. Crazy, right? Eh, maybe not so crazy if you ask LinkedIn's Chief Executive Jeff Weiner. He did a pretty good job explaining exactly why LinkedIn would be interested in a service like SlideShare.

BENEFITS OF USING SLIDESHARE for Web 2.0 Tools in Education: A Quick Guide by Mohamed Amin Embi

Web 2.0 Tools in Education: A Quick Guide by Mohamed Amin Embi - Free ebook download as Text file (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. A quick guide on the use of web 2.0 tools in education.

The SlideShare Advantage

LinkedIn's acquisition of SlideShare has motivated us to partake in a little marketing math exercise. Get out your calculators and take LinkedIn's 161 million members, then add them to SlideShare's combined projected 136 million monthly unique visitors. What do you get? Enormous potential.

SlideShare: 4 Ways to Use It |

SlideShare: 4 Ways to Use It If you thought of as just a place to load a few old presentations in the hopes someone may stumble upon them there, you're missing out on some of the benefits of participating in SlideShare as a social network.

Advantages Of Slideshare - Get 10000+ Page Views In a Month

Most of bloggers and SEOs neglect Slideshare, which is a "Quiet Giant Of Content Marketing". Using Slideshare you can easily make your content go viral. And it brings you lot of traffic, which we all are in need.

What kind of benefits you gets from Slideshare?

Answer: The major benefits from using slideshare include website traffic, brand exposure, and industry infromation. Specifically: - Long-tail traffic from your slideshare account and presesentations to your website - Google keyword traffic from the slide decks (Google will search your slides, esp...

Slideshare - Are you using it?

The following post, from David at twago, details how businesses can utilize the Slideshare social media platform to drive their marketing efforts. Utilizing the benefits of Social Media is difficult for any company. Whilst the prospect of expanding the online presence of your company into new markets to reach potential customers is intriguing, getting the right balance between informal, personal and professional social media output is tricky.

Tips for Personal Brand Building Success with SlideShare

(Before It's News) From the Personal Branding Blog SlideShare offers numerous opportunities for enhanced personal and corporate brand building. SlideShare offers an efficient way for authors, individuals, and self-employed professionals to build their personal brand in a search engine and social media-optimized environment.

21 Resources to Help You Rock SlideShare for Marketing

Move over PowerPoint - your day is done! It's time to make way for SlideShare, the online presentation tool acquired by LinkedIn last year. While many content marketers have been focusing on Twitter and Facebook, using infographics or making flashy presentations with a variety of online tools, there's one online resource that has quietly gained prominence and influence - SlideShare.

The benefits of Slideshare for B2B marketing

Slideshare is awesome for B2B marketing. Jonathan Boutelle, their CEO, explains why in this short video. I particularly like the idea that we've moved from "push marketing" to "permission marketing". Plus1! Thanks to Michael Brito for the hat tip. Using SlideShare for B2B Marketing from Michael Brito on Vimeo.

11 Ways to Use SlideShare for Content Marketing Success

By Roger C. Parker published October 26, 2012 SlideShare is more than just a way to share your presentations online; it can be a powerful content marketing tool that can turbocharge all of your publishing endeavors.

Why B2B Marketers Should Use Slideshare for Content Marketing

Why B2B Marketers Should Use Slideshare for Content Marketing B2B marketers who use SlideShare can increase awareness and credibility, generate leads and rank higher with search engines. SlideShare is the YouTube of slide sharing websites. Its users include B2B marketers, The White House, and the US Army and Navy.

BRAIN DRY: The benefits of slideshare to social media campaigns

This week i have been mostly planning 12 month social media strategy's for clients. Some, are well suited to fresh and exciting challenges such as widgets, link bait and optimised video streaming. BUT... some, are less so, this could be due to the products and services they offer OR just purely from a monetary or time perspective. reviews #9: SlideShare

Written by Maree De Iulio 60 million reasons why you should get onto SlideShare It's a marketer's dream - a crowded site with a highly targeted audience and low competition. However, this is a reality for many savvy marketers, and it's all thanks to SlideShare.

How to Use SlideShare for SEO, Branding, Content Marketing and Link Building

SlideShare is more than just a document sharing site, and thus it deserves a whole post dedicated to it. Other document sharing sites on the web, such as DocStoc, Scribd, Ziddu and Google Drive are great for sharing online documents and even earning links, but there are several things that set SlideShare apart: Largest PowerPoint Sharing Community: It is the first and largest community for sharing PowerPoint presentations.

Tips from Top SlideShare Content Marketers

At TopRank Online Marketing, we've been singing SlideShare's praises for years. With over 50 pieces of content shared through the platform, some closing in on 100,000 views, we're well aware of its power and potential. Forbes calls SlideShare the "Quiet Giant of Content Marketing" with good reason; with 60 million monthly visitors, it's one of the top 200 most visited sites in the world.