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Small Business Topics

A list of articles which discuss topics of interest for small business owners.

Pros and Cons of Offering Discounts for Paying in Cash

By now you probably know that, as a merchant, both the law and credit processing agreements allow you to offer discounts to customers who pay in cash. So why wouldn't you offer such a discount? Who doesn't love cash? While cash has its advantages, there is a downside to consider.

5 Lessons Small Business Owners Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way

Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Recently I had the pleasure of listening to an interview on Mixergy with Hugh Culver, an extremely successful entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 15 and sold it for $400k five years later.

What Makes YOU So Special?

How do you stand out among a sea of competitors and win new clients? I'm glad to see that the power of referral selling is gaining the respect and acclaim it deserves. For salespeople, it's always a struggle to stay ahead of the competition. Blasting prospects with automated marketing messages doesn't work.

What to say when you're asked to work for free

If you own a small business or are self-employed, sooner or later you will be asked to work for free. The more successful you become, the more requests you'll get. But with the right response, you can turn these freeloaders into something positive.

4 Trade Show Tips For Startups You Can Use Now

Startup companies have a lot of things to worry about as they strive to become successful. Trade shows are practically foolproof in that endeavor, but only if you know what you're doing. Think about the potential of introducing your new business to that many people.

How to Close An Inactive Business Before It Really Begins to Cost You

Alex's franchise business was running at full steam when he received a letter from a collection agency from out of the blue. Unsure about where he could possibly be delinquent, he learned it was for a "Business Registration Fee" and further investigating uncovered that it was fees for an old business he once started a decade ago and never did anything with.

11 Alternative Payment Options

Alternatives to entering credit card numbers can provide customers with more payment choices, streamline checkout for mobile devices, and potentially save merchants money. Here is a list of alternative payment options.

Small Business Marketing Year End Checklist

7 Marketing Factors Every Small Business Needs to Check As we approach the end of December, it's a good time to assess how your business and marketing performed in 2013.